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Tyler McLaughlin Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Family, Height, Net Worth, Fast Facts

• Tyler McLaughlin is the youngest winning captain of the reality show “Wicked Tuna”.
• He developed his passion for fishing from a young age, learning from his father.
• He graduated from college on the condition his father would contribute to the purchase of a boat.
• He has been part of the show since the second season and won in 2018.
• His net worth is estimated at $400,000 and he has a clothing line and brand named “Pin Wheel Gate”.

Wicked Tuna last winner

If there was something that impressed “Wicked Tuna” fans this last season, it is undoubtedly Tyler McLaughlin’s glorious race, making him the youngest winning captain of the show. The American reality TV star has been constantly proving his talent and dedication since the second season of the show, successfully running his own boat – Pin Wheel.

The roots of Tyler’s passion

Coming from Rye Harbor, New Hampshire, USA and being the son of a keen fisherman, Marty Mclaughlin, has definitely influenced Tyler’s life. According to some family stories, his dad used to take two yearsold Tyler with him when he went fishing, as a final resort to making the naughty boy be quite. Thus, he learned not only the basics of the process, but also tips and tricks from his experienced father. Using his advice, Tyler was apparently fishing by himself at the age of three, and managed to catch his first Bluefin when he was seven.

Born on 22 December 1987, he is not a single child in the Mclaughlin family; Marissa, his younger sister, has the same passion for fishing.

Education and career basis

Although his family constantly encouraged him to follow his passion, they were aware of the risks of the job. Therefore, his parents did not allow him to fully dedicate to commercial fishing directly after matriculating from Bridgton Academy high school.To convince him to finish his academic development by graduating from college, they even made a bet. So Tyler engaged himself in successfully finishing college on the condition that his father would contribute to the purchase of a boat for the young passionate fisherman. It was not an easy challenge for Mclaughlin, but he finally graduated from Nichols College in 2011 and received his well-deserved boat.

What followed was a prolific engagement in commercial fishing, conducting his single engine 35 ft vessel along with two other fellows – Adam Moser and Alex Whitney.

Wicked Tuna adventure

One of the biggest projects Tyler got into is the reality show “Wicked Tuna”. It has aired on National Geographic Channel since 2012, depicting the competitive battle between several fishing vessels and their crews in trying to catch the largest amount of tuna – the winner is the boat that makes the biggest profit out of the caught fish. The show is interesting and worth watching, not only because it represents part of the traditional American industry, but also because it entirely follows international regulations regarding tuna fishing and the size limits of the season. It has seven finished seasons, and the eighth season started on 11 March 2019. However, Tyler has been part of the cast starting with the second season. He did such an incredible job from the first season when he caught tuna worth over $100,000, making them the winners of 2013. This wasn’t the last success of Pin Wheel in the show – after being the runners-up in 2015 and 2017, the young fishermen achieved another winners title in 2018, with 19 fish caught worth almost $104,000.

Tyler’s behavior – between courage and misdemeanor

Tyler is more than a simple fisherman. In 2015, his successful attempt to save a boat called “Miss Sambvca” made him utterly respected and publicly appreciated by the Red Cross of Northwest Massachusetts. This gave him some benefits inside the show too, as at the beginning of airing the fourth year of the show, he was given the First Responder Award.

On the other side, his name was once linked with a supposed arrest. Reportedly, he was accused in 2016 of breaking one’s guy nose and hitting him in the face, which happened in North Carolina and was reported to the police; subsequently Tyler had to pay a $10,000 caution. Apparently, McLaughlin’s energy and instinct works much better on yelling at fish and waves than in interpersonal relationships.

Another important presence in Tyler’s life

If you have been thinking that Pin Wheel has Tyler’s entire attention and if you’ve ever been daydreaming about the tall handsome man, then you’ll be disappointed. The last time Tyler was single was way back in 2013, and since December 2015 his relationship with Savannah Tarpley became known to the public. The two frequently posted photos and updates from their life on Facebook and Twitter. For instance, a photo posted on 15 December 2015 depicts their little trip at Big Marlin Charters Punta Cana.

Unlike some common beliefs, they have just exchanged engagement rings, but without publicly announcing the date of their engagement or any wedding plans. Judging by their photos from holiday, and fishing adventures, they seem to be enjoying their lifestyle.

Tyler’s net worth

Authoritative sources estimate Tyler’s net worth to be around $400,000, the vast part from his participation in the “Wicked Tuna” show. Despite the mystery around his salary, it is reported that for every episode between $2000 and $3000 are given to each boat. Moreover, as the captain of the vessel Tyler should receive even more. On average, a ship captain earns almost $100,000 per year. We assume that due to his impressive performance in the show, his salary could exceed this amount.

At the same time, another source of income for the fisherman is merchandising. He has his own clothing line and brand, called “Pin Wheel Gate”. Using the advantages of the social media and the influential image he has built, he manages to sell online various types of products, including T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, hats, and stickers, all of them representing both his vessel and the Wicked Tuna show.

Social media

All in all, Tyler is a very talented and hardworking person who has learned a lesson from every environment he’s been in, and every activity. News about his latest achievements and appearances can be seen on his social media accounts. He is active especially on Twitter and Facebook, the latter gathering around 15,000 followers.