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Tyler Isaacs, 30, was charged with first-degree rape this week in the alleged July attack at Rest Assured Massage and Spa in Lexington, the Richmond Register said, citing an arrest warrant. The very pregnant expectant mom, who was not identified, told officers that when she arrived for her first appointment at the spa, there was no one else besides Isaacs, according to the order.

Once the regular massage was over, Isaacs told the woman to stand up and place her stomach on the table so that he could work on her back. He then grabbed her by the wrists from behind her and raped her, according to the court order. The attack only lasted a few minutes, and when Isaacs left the room, her accuser said, she was still alone in the spa, the order said. Isaacs later told police that he had sex with the woman, that she was nearly nine months pregnant and would soon have her child, according to the report, without specifying whether she had given birth since.

Tyler Isaacs Age

Tyler Isaacs is 30 years old.

Tyler Isaacs Raping 9 months pregnant woman

A man employed in a massage parlor was recently arrested and charged with allegedly raping a nearly nine-month pregnant woman during a “prenatal massage.” The defendant has been identified as Tyler Isaacs, who was arrested on October 12 and taken to the Madison County Detention Center, where he was pressed with a first degree rape charge for the alleged incident at Rest Assured Massage and Spa in Lexington. in July.

The arrest warrant indicated that the alleged sexual assault occurred on July 22 between 3:15 pm and 5:30 pm. The victim, whose name has not been released, told police that he had an appointment at 3:15 p.m. at Rest Assured Massage and Spa. At that time, she was due to give birth to her child in the next few weeks. She alleged that when she arrived at the scene, she only found the defendant at the scene, who led her to a room and began preparing for service.

The official document mentioned that the massage went according to plan, but when the service was about to end, the masseur asked the woman to stand up and put her stomach on the table so that the defendant could also massage her back. . But instead of working on her back, Isaacs grabbed her wrists from behind her and sexually abused her.

The order added that the rape lasted a few minutes and after that, the defendant left the room leaving the victim alone inside the business. However, further investigation revealed that another member of staff was also present when the victim arrived, but was serving another customer, so the woman did not see anyone.

Isaacs was questioned by police on July 29, where he admitted to having sex with the woman while she was giving him massage services. But he added that he had never done such a thing before with any of his clients. Although the defendant was arrested on October 12, he was released a day later. But no further details were provided on whether he was released after posting bail or whether he had other release restrictions.

Meanwhile, The New York Post contacted a woman, who identifies herself as the owner of Rest Assured Massage and Spa, for comment. But she reportedly didn’t respond correctly and yelled, “Who cares? She doesn’t work here anymore, “before adding,” Who cares? Don’t call here anymore. ”

People on Twitter also noticed the alleged horrific case and expressed their thoughts to her. One user tweeted: “This is beyond sick. She already had to die from birth trauma. And this is what she will remember for the rest of her life. This poor woman. “The other user commented,” That’s horrible. “The third asked in surprise,” Wait! Did he admit he raped a 9-month-old pregnant woman? And got out of jail in one day?

This case comes months after a Russian teenager was reportedly banned from her school after giving birth to her son. Darya Sudnishnikova, 14, from the small nuclear city of Zheleznogorsk, alleged that she was raped by a 16-year-old boy. However, after becoming a mother, she was unable to return to her school because she had fallen behind in her studies and her school believed that her presence could bring bad publicity.

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