What is Trypophobia? Red outfit triggers Doja Cat Illuminati and other wild reactions

Doja Cat became the talk of the internet with her recent appearance at Paris Fashion Week. The singer wore an all-red ensemble with more than 30,000 hand-applied crystals. Although this may sound like a feast for the eyes, netizens criticized the singer relentlessly, claiming that it triggered her trypophobia.

Doja Cat caught the attention of fans after appearing on Schiaparelli’s show. The entire catwalk presentation was inspired by Dante Alighieri’s Inferno. Representing the same theme, the Woman singer wore a strapless red evening gown and also covered her entire face and body in crimson crystals.

Beauty legend Pat McGrath reportedly took almost five hours to create Doja Cat’s face. More than 30,000 Swarovski crystals were applied to her mask by hand. While celebrating her look on Instagram, McGrath called it a “magical and mesmerizing masterpiece.”

The meaning of trypophobia is explained when netizens call out Doja Cat for triggering anxiety disorder

According to the Cleveland Clinic, trypophobia is a type of anxiety disorder in which one is repulsed by objects that have repetitive groups of small holes similar to those of a sponge or honeycomb. Those who experience the same are often disgusted by such hole patterns. However, they are not necessarily afraid of them.

It has been reported that 17% of adults and children experience the disorder to varying degrees. They can often be triggered by fruits with small seeds such as strawberries, kiwi, insects and bees, snakeskin, frogs and other reptiles, shoe soles, cheese with holes, bread or bagels with seeds, etc.

Some symptoms of experiencing typophobia include chills, dry mouth, pale skin, nausea, profuse sweating, and nausea among others.

Several netizens have taken to social media to call out Doja Cat for her outfit, claiming that the repetitive red patterns all over her outfit could be triggers for those who experience trypophobia. Some reactions say:

In addition to accusing the 27-year-old of causing anxiety disorders in people, many conspired that she was being controlled by the Illuminati because the singer was wearing a peculiar outfit. This is not the first time Doja Cat has been accused of being part of the elite secret society. Playing on the conspiracy theory, the Kiss Me More singer also celebrated her 27th birthday with an Illuminati-themed party. Some comments about her recent amazing outfit of hers say:

Kylie Jenner Raises Eyebrows Over Lion’s Head Dress at Paris Fashion Week

Reality star Kylie Jenner made headlines after appearing on the same show wearing a fake 3D lion head costume. An extravagant lion’s head was attached to the shoulder of the founder of Kylie Cosmetics. Model Irina Shayk was seen on the runway wearing a similar dress.

Kylie Jenner styled the dress with a high ponytail and side part. She accessorized the look with minimal gold accessories.

After her outfit went viral, PETA announced that they were okay with her extravagant dress. Speaking to TMZ, Ingrid Newkirk, the president of PETA, said:

“Kylie’s look celebrates the beauty of lions and can be a statement against trophy hunting, in which lion families are separated to satisfy human selfishness.”

The reality star has flooded her Instagram account with other outfits she wore to Paris Fashion Week.