Where Is Trevor Reed Russian Girlfriend Lina Tsybulnik Now? Wiki, Biography, Age, Spouse, Net Worth, Fast Facts

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Trevor Reed is a former US Marine who was in Russian prison around 2019. According to BBC news, he will be delivered in a detention facility. The US and Russian authorities have stated that the former Marine will go to his country.

Trevor Reed’s Russian Girlfriend: Where Is Lina Tsybulnik Now? Trevor Reed had met his Russian lover, Lina Tsybulnik, in the year 2016. At the time, he was on the run for a degree in International Studies from the University of North Texas. As a necessity of his certification program, he had to choose the Russian language.

They were known for being locked up. She is in fact the life partner, according to current sources, but her whereabouts are unclear as of now. She was last seen responding during Reed’s hearing in Moscow’s Golovinsky Court on July 30, 2020.

The then 28-year-old Reed went to Russia with Lina Tsybulnik in 2019. He went to Moscow to master the language. In any case, he was unable to return, as he was arrested by Russian police on drunkenness and assault charges and taken to prison to recover.

The matter disappeared when it was revealed that he had been treated indifferently in prison.

US Marine Trevor Reed released in prison swap with Russia Trevor Reed’s folks are eager to get wind of their child’s arrival. In a statement, the family said their “requests have been answered.”

In July 202, Reed was indicted in the Russian country for nine years. He was falsely accused of endangering the existence of government employees while on the job. The Texan Marine and his family have generally discredited the case.

Following the news, President Joe Biden said he was “enchanted” to inform Mr Reed’s people of his return.

“I could hear in the voices of Trevor’s people how much they cared about his well-being and how they missed his presence. The transactions that allowed us to bring Trevor home required hard choices that I wouldn’t mess with.”

Trevor Reed is traded with Konstantin Yaroshenko In exchange for Trevor Reed, the Russian unknown service has requested the arrival of Konstantin Yaroshenko.

Yaroshenko, a Russian pilot, had been given an extended sentence on charges of drug piracy. He was captured in Liberia in 2010 and served a 20-year prison sentence.

The prison trade was effective after Reed’s people fought outside the White House a month ago. In the end, they had the opportunity to protect a meeting with the president. The trade was completed through Turkey after President Biden delivered Yaroshenko’s verdict.

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