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Tony Patrico Wiki, Biography

Radio station KPNT 105.7’s The Point announced that host Tony Patrico has left the St. Louis station. This comes after allegations surfaced online that he messaged female fans with sexually suggestive comments. Several women have come forward anonymously claiming that RJ was asking them for nudes.

The allegations appeared online just before Christmas on Twitter and Facebook. They were addressed to the now-former host of The Rizzuto Show, Tony Patrico. Social media profiles under the name Robert Reynolds on Facebook and HellNoPatrico exposed RJ for being inappropriate around women.

The two aforementioned accounts used profile photos with a caricature of Patrico with a red line over it. The text on the image also read: “Take Patrico off the Rizz Show.” Multiple screenshots of text message exchanges between the women and Patrico dating from 2017 to 2022 were present in the social media posts.

What did Tony Patrico do?

In most of the messages sent by Patrico, he jokingly asked the alleged victims for nudes. The messages also consisted of other sexually suggestive comments. In many posts, the women declined the offer and tried to dissuade the issue. It was then that RJ proceeded to say that he was joking.

In a tweet in which the Twitter user exposed Patrico, a woman claimed that RJ asked for nude photos and asked her to meet in private. He also reportedly asked the woman to participate in “u**ne play.” Speaking of Patrico, the alleged victim revealed:

“He asked me for topless photos and explicit images of other parts of my body. He asked for videos. He wanted to meet for sex. He was extremely obscene in requests and comments from him, referring to things like u**ne play. It became apparent that he is a completely different person than the one he portrays in public.”

Another woman exposed the radio jockey by sharing text exchanges as well. In one of the messages, Patrico said: “This was just an excuse to approach you and tell you that I miss being dirty with you”

After he began exposing himself for his actions, he allegedly told the women that he underwent “therapy for his behavior and etc.” However, he proceeded to ask the women for nudity.

Those interested in reading the statements of other women can visit the Twitter page @HellNoPatrico.

It is important to note that the 36-year-old is married with three young children, including two sons and a daughter.

Patrico joined The Rizzuto Show in 2014 alongside Scott Rizzuto, King Scott, the late Jeff Burton, and Moon Valjean. Throughout Patricos time on the show, she has spoken on various topics related to sports, pop culture, and celebrity gossip.

The Hubbard Radio-run station took to Facebook to announce:

“Tony Patrico is no longer with Hubbard Radio nor is he a member of the Rizzuto Show. The show returns as scheduled tomorrow at 6 am.”

The show’s co-host, Scott Rizzuto, addressed the matter at hand with a brief statement. He claimed they couldn’t comment much on the matter as it was a “personnel matter.” Rizzuto also said on air:

“We cannot go into specific details. All I can say, and I speak for all of us here, we are completely shocked. To say that the last few days have been difficult is the understatement of the century. And we’re still processing everything that happened. We are sad, we are devastated. We have spoken with Tony. He is our friend. But this is really difficult. Again, speaking for all of us here on the show, we have nothing but compassion and empathy for everyone involved in the situation.”