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Jimmy Kibaki is the first-born child of Kenya’s previous president, Mwai Kibaki, and the owner of Odibets, a privately claimed gambling organization. In 2009, Kibaki chose to start a mission called Simama Kenya, which means ‘stand up Kenya’. This was deciphered by some as a political move. As evidenced by a public youth gathering proclamation,

Jimmy has hinted at entering the nebulous universe of government issues, but he still doesn’t seem to reveal his true expectations. Jimmy Kibaki’s whereabouts are murky on the web as he appears to be by all accounts a detained individual trying not to reveal individual details publicly.

Jimmy has expressed an interest in becoming his father’s political successor by meddling in government affairs. In 2013, he argued the charges against Mary Wambui’s being offered for the Othaya Member of Parliament seat.

Emilio Stanley Mwai Kibaki and Lucy Muthoni Kibaki were the guardians of the financial manager. David Kibaki, June Kibaki, Tonny Kibaki and Winnie Wangui Mwai are his four relatives.

Winnie is said to be Mwai Kibaki’s girl from a previous union with Mary Wambui. Lucy Kibaki, the lady of the house, passed away in 2016. After a long illness, the previous first wife passed away. Mwai Kibaki Son Jimmy Kibaki Age Revealed Jimmy Kibaki is currently 58 years old but his exact date of birth is unclear as of now.

Many people expected Jimmy to follow his father’s example in government matters. He never ran for a political seat, but was rather commonly associated with his father’s official missions.

Jimmy became a Democratic Party leader in 2021. Jimmy has been the representative of the family for a long time. He has addressed the media about his father’s well-being and circulated family messages.

Jimmy Kibaki Wikipedia Jimmy was an understudy at Nairobi’s St Mary’s School, also known as Saints. He then selected Salve Regina University to focus on political theory and organization.

Jimmy had to start a business when he returned to Kenya in 1988 after completing his studies in Canada, so he asked his father for an advance. He entered the gambling industry in 2018 through a company called Odibets, where he fills in as a director. Due to his contribution to the organization, it has developed enormously.

The organization has shown great interest in promoting the ability of young people. In 2018, they supported runner Ferdinand Omanyala and signed a Ksh 60 million deal with Mathare United.

The sponsorship came at the opportune time, as noted by the CEO of Mathare United, when the crew was struggling financially. The betting organization even gave Ferdinand Omanyala a shiny new car. Odibets, according to the organization, is there to cultivate the basic ability among the adolescents.

Jimmy Kibaki Wife and Family Information Jimmy married Sherly Anne, a colleague of Saint’s. Mwai Kibaki Jr, Sean Andrew and Emma Ngini are their three children. Unlike his kin and guardians, Sean has a solid web-based presence.

Sherly Anne, a Kenyan of Indian descent, was his most memorable wife. They met at the popular St Mary’s School in Nairobi and started dating years later.

Jimmy’s next husband is Catherine. Jimmy’s date of engagement with Catherine, on the other hand, is uncertain. Unsubstantiated sources guarantee that he married her after his late mother, Lucy, persuaded him to do so right before his father resigned.

The ensuing marriage took place when there were rumors that Jimmy would take over the Othaya MP from his father.

Jimmy and Catherine have never shared any insight into their own lives. It’s challenging to say whether Jimmy and Catherine have children since revealed nothing about their own lives. The subtleties of Jimmy’s dealings with his most memorable wife are not public information either. So we can expect the three to be cheerful in their relationship.

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