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Timothy Starks Wiki – Timothy Starks Biography

Timothy Starks was known professionally as Baby Cino, Starks was only 20 years old and finding his way in the music industry. He had three songs to his name on YouTube, the most recent called ‘Big Haiti Shottas’ was released in January 2022. Dedicated to Gary Laguerre, an 18-year-old shot in 2020, the song talks about gun violence in a high-rise building. apartments. Aside from his up-and-coming YouTube channel, Starks didn’t seem to have much of a social media presence.

Timothy Starks Age

Timothy Starks was 20 years old.

Timothy Starks was shot and killed minutes after walking out of jail

Timothy Starks had just been released from jail on Wednesday, March 16, and got into a friend’s car. Minutes later, he lay dead, having been struck down by a hail of bullets as he drove through traffic. It hadn’t even been a full 10 minutes since Starks was freed before he died. The tragic incident occurred in Miami and is now the subject of a police investigation.

A rapper by trade, Starks isn’t the only one shot to death this year. On January 14, Wavy Navy Pooh was similarly shot in Miami, while in a car. On February 3, TDott Woo, a New York native, was shot outside his own home in Brooklyn, hours after signing a record deal. Then days later, on February 25, rapper Snootie Wild was shot to death in Houston, with a single shot to the back of the head.

Most of these murders remain unsolved, and rappers continue to be targeted by gunmen. Until now, no one knows exactly why that is, and the inability to nip the problem in the bud is killing more and more rappers. Tragically, Starks is just the latest in a very long list.

The Miami Herald reported that Starks was associated with a Little Haiti-area gang known as Boss Life. At the moment it is not clear if that association played a role in his death, but it is very likely. He was arrested March 15 by the Miami-Dade Police Burglary Intervention Unit in Opa-Locka. The arrest report says he was first pulled over for having an obstructed tag, but police soon found him concealing “an object in the shape of a firearm.”

He was caught with a fully loaded Glock 32 and booked into the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center. At 2:10 pm the next day, he was released and picked up by Dante ‘Collins Banks. Starks was reportedly still wearing the bracelet given to inmates when a hail of gunfire rained down on him and Banks. Reportedly, around 40 bullets were fired at the Nissan Banks he was driving.

Banks was reportedly seriously injured, and the shots caused the car to crash into a concrete barrier wall along the Palmetto Expressway. His current status is unknown, but we can confirm that Starks was killed in the firefight. It is not known if the duo was followed from jail and how the attackers knew that Starks was being released. Details about the attackers have not yet been released by police, who only confirmed that they fled the area in a “dark-colored” vehicle.

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