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Timothy Dixon – Florida Teen Charged with Killing Father, 2nd Teen Who Helped With Murder

A Florida teen has been arrested conspiring to kill his father in 2022 and then killing the accomplice who helped him murder the father. Shane Payne Sr. was found shot to death inside his home in August 2022, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said. Three days later, Jacksonville deputies found 16-year-old Timothy Dixon suffering from a gunshot wound.

Dixon was taken to a hospital, where he later died. Evidence found at both scenes and witness interviews eventually connected the two murders for investigators. They determined that Payne’s son, Shane Payne Jr., killed his father with Dixon’s help and then killed Dixon.

Payne Jr., 17, was already behind bars on unrelated charges, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said on Wednesday. Deputies have now charged him with two counts of second degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder.