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TikToker Chris Zhou Wiki, Biography

American traveler Chris Zhou, 35, took to TikTok this week after his short outing to experience the event turned into a weekend-long party to ask: ‘When do people here sleep?’ The content creator, who appeared bleary-eyed and exhausted in his video, took issue with his followers not warning him about what he was in for.

I’m shocked that I’m still alive because you guys, my mates, did not warn me about Mardi Gras… This is not just a regular party,’ he said. He added that what would be considered a pretty big party back in the states is only a fraction of what he experienced in Australia.

TikToker Chris Zhou Age

Chris Zhou is 35 years old.

Chris Zhou shocked by Aussie drinking tradition

‘You know back at home when you have a party it would start at maybe like 11pm and ends at like 5am and that’s considered a pretty wild night? ‘Here? No, no, no. You have a pre-party at someone’s place, and then you have a day party that starts at two or 3pm and then it ends at 10pm,’ he said.

At this point he said that he was looking forward to calling it a night and going to bed early. ‘But no, no. Then you’ve got a night party after that, that starts from 10pm to like 5am and then there’s an after-party at someone’s place that ends at like 9am.’

‘Then there’s brunch! When the f*** do these people sleep?’

Chris had assumed he would have a nice week-long break between Mardi Gras and the Sydney WorldPride 2023 celebrations but the last straw was when he heard the two pretty much rolled into one huge party, sparking his TikTok meltdown.

‘Apparently all the Australians outside of Sydney knew about this because they’re all running away from the city now, they’re all going home. ‘But my friends and I are stuck here for one more weekend for WorldPride and I don’t know if I have that much Pride left in me.

‘After this trip I don’t know if I’m gonna be gay’ he said, breaking down in tears of exhaustion. Commenters on his video assured him he just needed a day or two to recover and he would be fine – with a good story to tell.

‘That’s getting ready drinks, pre’s, the actual party, the after-party, kick-ons, and brunch. That’s how it goes… you’re welcome!’ one person said. ‘It sounds fantastic but I’m going to take a nap now just after listening to how exhausted you are,’ added another. ‘Hahaha I visited from Melbourne, the city was poppin’,’ added a third.

About 12,500 marchers on 200 floats danced, sang, and celebrated as they commemorated the parade’s return. Many parade attendees later migrated to the Mardi Gras Party at the Entertainment Quarter, which was followed by the Mardi Gras Laneway in the early afternoon.

The event – ‘the epitome of kick-ons’ – started as a portable speaker on a milk crate. It has since expanded to a multi-dancefloor party with an open-air stage that will host 10,000 ticketholders until early on Monday morning.

WorldPride will continue for another week before finishing with a historic march across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, where 50,000 people are expected to take part in a call for global equality. WorldPride has been called Sydney’s biggest event since the 2000 Olympics and is expected to host more than half a million people across its 300 or so events.

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