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Tiffany She’ree of Dallas, and her husband Daniel Roach, 38, met in September 2016. They both had children from previous relationships: Kaylee, 17, and Blake, eight, on Daniel’s side, and Mia, nine. , and Ruxton, seven, on Tiffany’s side, and have since merged into one big happy family.

When they met, Tiffany saw a YouTube video of a group of girls diving into a dumpster and decided that she wanted to try it out for herself. After going out for the first time in January 2017 and finding a new makeup box worth around $ 1,200 worth of makeup and skincare products, she returned home to Daniel and showed him her loot.

Tiffany She’ree Age

Tiffany She’ree is 32 years old.

Tiffany She’ree Ditches job to be a dumpster diver

Tiffany She’ree, 32, quit her job as a canteen waitress in 2020 when she realized she could make up to $ 1,000 a week selling discarded items she found diving into a dumpster at yard sales. Sure, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but for this Texas mother, a man’s trash is her main source of income.

The next night, they went out together to see what they could find and they haven’t stopped since. Daniel and I met through Tinder and we had our first date at the Rainforest Cafe, ” Tiffany said. I told him it was a package with my two children and he told me that he was too, we have been together ever since.

“ He had never heard of or thought about dumpster diving before randomly seeing a YouTube video of these girls diving dumpsters. When I saw the loot they came back with, I knew I had to try it out for myself. ” For nearly five years, they have constantly searched their garbage bins locally and beyond to do everything from home décor to clothing for themselves and their children, as well as to sell their valuable finds.

Just over a year ago, in 2020, Tiffany quit her canteen job to dive into dumpsters full-time. ‘Daniel and I went diving together and since then it has been consistent for almost five years. A little over a year ago I quit my job to do this full time, ”she said.

We have furnished at least 75 percent of our home with junk items, from couches to tables and chairs, décor and more. Through diving into the dumpsters, she has been able to fully support herself, including paying half the bills and living costs, which are around $ 800 to $ 1,000 per week.

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She now has a popular TikTok account, which has two million followers eagerly awaiting updates on her trash bin scores. The mother of four targets trash bins outside of big-name stores, which fill the trash with items that have been discarded for a variety of reasons, from slightly damaged packaging to returns that cannot be resold due to shipping policies. the store.

Her TikTok account of hers documents the launches of companies such as Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works, Bed Bath & Beyond, Party City, and Ulta, with Tiffany proudly displaying huge ‘scores’ from each. Among her most valuable finds in recent months are a $ 750 coffee machine from Bed Bath & Beyond and hundreds of dollars worth of unopened makeup products.

Many of her followers are eager to let you know how much she inspires them, and she regularly receives messages from people who share her findings and tell her that she inspired them to start diving as well. However, Tiffany is criticized by some critics, who have accused her of being “homeless” and have suggested that diving into a dumpster is the same as “stealing.”

However, the mother-of-four regularly applauds her trolls, noting that the items she’s taking out of the trash cans would likely have gone to the landfill if she hadn’t ‘saved’ them, while insisting that she’s’ doing nothing wrong. ‘. ‘.

She also urges others not to judge a book by its cover, claiming that dumpster diving has been unfairly labeled “disgusting” or “dirty.” Tiffany is also constantly surprised by the items she finds in the trash cans, ranging from household items to beauty products and expensive tech items like televisions and kitchen appliances.
“I found sheets, pillows, blankets, towels, little accessories, even pet products like cat trees and dog cages,” she said. So far, in 2021 alone, I have saved at least $ 3,000; in previous years, I was saving this all year long, so 2021 has definitely been a better year. ‘

Worldwide, 2,010 million tons of waste are generated annually, and at least 1,300 million tons go to landfill each year. Proponents of landfill diving argue that it helps reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill and has a positive impact on the planet.

The legality of diving in dumpsters varies from country to country: in the United States, the US Supreme Court found it legal in 1988, while in England and Wales it may qualify as theft under the Theft Act 1968. Tiffany has had her TikTok videos removed by the platform multiple times for violating her community guidelines, claiming that her videos include ‘illegal activities and unregulated goods’.

“I just want to show people what dumpster diving is possible,” Tiffany said. I had never heard of TikTok before and then the first video I posted there blew up and I immediately gained fifty thousand followers.

It went viral so I kept posting and inspired a lot of people to dive into the garbage. I’m definitely still getting negative feedback, but I think it’s ninety percent positive today. I’m happy to be saving items from landfills and doing my bit to help the environment and keep the planet clean. ‘


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