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Thomas Kinworthy Wiki – Biography

Thomas Kinworthy is a Florida man who, a St. Louis, Missouri, police organization says, has been arrested for the murder of 29-year-old Officer Tamarris Bohannon.

Bohannon was shot in the head on August 29 while responding to a shooting incident, and a second officer was also shot and wounded, leading to a 12-hour standoff with the suspect, CNN reported.

Kinworthy has not yet been officially charged in the shooting, but multiple media outlets reported that he was in custody, and the St. Louis Ethical Society of Police said on social media that Kinworthy was the suspect. The police organization also indicated that Kinworthy has an extensive, violent criminal history.

Thomas Kinworthy Age

Thomas Kinworthy is 44 years old.



Bohannon and another officer responded to reports of a shooting near Tower Grove Park in St. Louis on Saturday night, local Fox affiliate Fox 2 Now reported. The gunman was in a home that was not his, from where he shot at both officers, the outlet reported.

The gunman fired multiple times, hitting Bohannon in the head and the second officer in the leg, the St. Louis Police Association said in a Facebook post. Gunfire went on four several hours before the suspect was apprehended, according to the association.

The following day, a procession of police vehicles escorted Bohannon’s body from the local hospital where he was treated, according to Fox 2.

A spokesperson for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department posted a statement from the officer’s family to Twitter on Sunday.

“He is a hero to many, but most importantly to his loving wife and three incredible children,” the statement read in part. “The loss of this great man is felt deeply within the St. Louis community and we ask for your prayers and support in the days ahead.”


The Ethical Society of Police, a local African-American police organization, posted on Facebook and Twitter Monday that the suspect, Thomas Kinworthy, was in custody — despite no charges being officially announced as of yet.

“Murder suspect Thomas Kinworthy’s history is full of guns and unprovoked violence,” the organization tweeted. “On January 1, he was given a $30,000 bond in Florida for sexual assault/armed kidnapping. Officer Tamarris Bohannon should be alive. Kinworthy should’ve been in jail. The unbalanced [criminal justice system] is glaring.”

The St. Louis Post Dispatch also reported that Kinworthy was in custody Monday at the city jail.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department did not respond to repeated requests for comment from Heavy on Monday.

Criminal Charges

At Age 21, Kinworthy was a fugitive on drug charges out of Missouri when he and another man got into a road rage-related fight with a third man in Cocoa, Florida, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Kinworthy and the second suspect were charged with attempted murder and using a firearm in the commission of a felony for the 2001 incident, in which the shooting victim lost three fingers, according to the outlet.

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He was convicted and spent six years in prison, local CBS affiliate KMOV 4 reported.

Kinworthy also has multiple drug possession charges and a first-degree tampering with service of utility or institution charge out of Missouri from 1992 and 1995, respectively, according to online records reviewed by Heavy.

He also was charged with weapon possession charges as a convicted felon in Florida, earlier this year, when police found multiple guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition in his car, the Post-Dispatch reported.


According to online records at the St. Louis Justice Center — the jail — Kinworthy was arrested and booked into custody on August 30 at 1 p.m.

The only charge listed is being a fugitive on a kidnapping charge.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department had not responded, as of Monday evening, to repeated requests for comment by Heavy. This story will be updated, should Kinworthy be charged or released.

Investigation Report

The Ethical Society of Police indicated that at the time of the shooting, Kinworthy had skipped bail on a kidnapping and sexual battery case in Brevard County, Florida.

Brevard County Sheriff’s Spokesman Tod Goodyear told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “It is unfortunate that someone as violent as him was able to get out of the court system and travel to St. Louis and take someone’s life. Our hearts go out to the families of the officers, particularly the officer who was killed.”

According to court documents reviewed by Heavy, Kinworthy and his girlfriend invited a man to their apartment to watch them have sex on August 29, 2019. The three slept together at the apartment, then in the morning, the victim alleged, Kinworthy tied his hands behind his back and choked him. Then, while threatening the victim with what he believed was a gun, Kinworthy bent him over a bed and tried to rape him, though he did not complete the act, the man told police.

Kinworthy was arrested on those charges in January of this year, and was out on bail when he failed to show up for court on August 19, according to the court documents.


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