The Real CacaGirl Wiki, Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Leaked Video, Fast Facts

The Real CacaGirl Wiki, Biography

Social media influencer The Real CacaGirl and her boyfriend Julian’s private video leaked online. The duo is best known on TikTok. Since then, netizens have taken to social media to criticize other internet users for circulating the explicit video.

The Real CacaGirl is best known on TikTok. He has amassed more than 1.1 million followers on the video-sharing platform. Most of her content revolves around fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. He regularly shares content from brand collaborations and PR packages he’s received. Occasionally, her boyfriend, Julian, appears in her videos.

In recent days, the influencer has been trending on social media for problematic reasons. A video of CacaGirl with her boyfriend sharing a private moment together has taken over the Internet. The same went viral on Twitter and Discord.

It seemed that the internet personality was comfortable with the camera in front of her. However, it is not clear if she gave her consent for the video to be distributed on social media platforms.

As of this writing, the influencer had not addressed the video leak. It is also unknown if the person behind the video leak has been caught.

Netizens React to The Real CacaGirl Video Leak on Social Media

Internet users were incredibly disturbed with the video finding its way online. No one is interested in having any explicit video take over their search feeds. However, the fact that the influencer was underage only made netizens more tired of the situation at hand. Netizens were upset that a private video of 15-16 year olds was circulating online. Many criticized those who spread the clip calling them pa*dophiles.

Who is The Real CacaGirl’s boyfriend?

Real CacaGirl’s birth name is Melanie. She is in a relationship with an internet partner.
personality Julian, who operates on TikTok under the username of @notjay12. She doesn’t have as many followers as his girlfriend. However, she boasts a respectable following of 540k. The first video of her was uploaded to the video-sharing platform in February 2022, where she posed with her girlfriend.

Most of her content also includes her girlfriend. However, he does occasionally post videos of himself engaging in mundane activities.

The couple have a YouTube channel under the name Julian and Melanie. Only three videos have been uploaded. Their last video was of them answering questions from their fans. In it, they revealed that they were 15 years old.

The account has acquired almost 6,500 subscribers.

In the aforementioned video, they also revealed that they believe the correct age to get married would be between 24 and 25. In the 10-minute long video, they also revealed what was the first thing they noticed about each other. when did you meet.

Julian said that he first saw the crocodiles from his now girlfriend. Melanie revealed that Julian’s hair was the first thing that stood out. Melanie’s Instagram account revealed that the couple have been dating for almost a year.