Thank You Brandon Meme Meaning: #ThankYouBrandon Trends on Twitter

Thank You Brandon Meme Meaning

Thank you Brandon is a meme that was developed to counter the viral meme, come on brandon. What is the meaning of the new meme? Come on Brandon is a viral phrase used by critics of President Joe Biden. It’s a euphemistic way of saying “fuck Joe Biden,” and it has been chanted at sporting events across the country.

Thank you Brandon is an attempt to counter it; Biden’s supporters use it to indicate that they think he’s doing a good job. The #ThankYouBrandon hashtag was trending on Twitter, just as #letsgoBrandon did before. “Brandon” means Biden.

People posted Thank You Brandon Memes and comments on social media praising Joe Biden

Here are some of the memes and comments that use the Brandon thank you trend. Some people shared job reports and unemployment rates.

“Don’t worry, all of you – the whole nation is saying #Thank youBrandon after the approval of the biggest investment in American infrastructure, including the New Deal (yes, even adjusted for inflation)!” wrote a Twitter user.

“Remember Trump passed that great infrastructure bill that he promised over and over again … Yeah, I didn’t see it either #ThankYouBrandon,” wrote another.

Another Twitter user wrote, “What couldn’t be loved? Jobs on the rise, Covid numbers on the decline, competition, no lies!”

Some people praised Biden’s record on COVID.

Others praised his personality.

“#ThanksBrandon for bringing us from one of the darkest places in our history to light. Put a major brake on Americans dying at high speed with vaccines “, wrote a Twitter user.

Some people were just happy that Trump lost.

But other people used the new phrase to criticize Biden anyway, this person for the car shortage.

Others like what Biden stands for in contrast to Trump.

One reporter mistakenly said the crowd was chanting, ‘Come on, Brandon.’

Anti-Biden chant erupts at NASCAR eventAnti-Joe Biden chants have erupted at the NASCAR Talladega speed event in Alabama as winner Brandon Brown was doing his post-victory interview.2021-10-04T00: 50: 30Z

The Let’s Go Brandon meme that Brandon is reacting to thanks to began when an NBC reporter, Kelli Stavast, wrongly said that a NASCAR crowd was chanting Let’s Go Brandon during an interview with driver Brandon Brown. Actually, the crowd was chanting “f *** Joe Bidem”, and a meme was born.

Video of Biden’s chant laden with expletives from the crowd went viral. You can see it up and down. Be aware that the language can be disturbing for some.

Fans sing “F * ck Joe Biden!” During Brandon Brown NASCAR Live Interview at TalladegaDid that NBC Sports reporter really try to pass off those chants like “Come on Brandon”? Hahahaha “” F *** Joe Biden “chants rained down through the crowd at Alabama’s Talladega Superspeedway after Brandon Brown claimed his first NASCAR Xfinity Series victory. The anti-Biden chants were produced during the post-interview interview. Brown’s career After Brown told a reporter …2021-10-03T02: 33: 37Z

The videos of the song have had millions of views on social media.

“It’s unbelievable,” Brown said.

“Thanks to all our partners. My God, it’s such an incredible moment, ”he said at another time.

“You can hear the chants of the crowd. Come on, Brandon, ”says the presenter in the video.

“Oh my gosh,” Brown continued, but his comments are drowned out by beeps blocking the F word.

According to Fox News, NASCAR removed the video when it became clear what the crowd was actually chanting.

The phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” has gone viral on social media, and the trend has taken off at other sporting events to draw criticism of Biden.

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