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English actress Nico Parker recently responded to trolls who have been criticizing her participation in HBO’s The Last of Us. The 18-year-old actress plays the role of Sarah Miller in the latest series. This has left fans furious as Sarah was originally a white character in the video game of the same name.

Addressing the backlash, Nico Parker released a statement via Yahoo Entertainment, stating:

“I can appreciate that there’s a side where there are people for whom the game is incredibly important to them and they care a lot about an adaptation of it. But when you come from a place where it’s just a disdain for any kind of inclusion, that’s where I don’t It doesn’t matter. I don’t value that opinion and I don’t agree.”

Nico is the daughter of actress Thandiwe Newton and director Ol Parker, who are biracial and white, respectively.

She then continued:

“I hope they can get over it and still enjoy the show, but I think inclusion is incredibly important. If young kids watch the show and feel like they’re represented in some way through race or hair or whatever, that’s is 10 times more important than anyone who doesn’t like it because they don’t like seeing different people on their screen.” Nico Parker is one of three children born to Thandiwe Newton and Ol Parker.

Nico Parker is one of three children born to Thandiwe Newton and Ol Parker.

Thandiwe Newton and Ol Parker got married in 1998. They were married for 24 years before rumors started in 2022 that the couple had allegedly broken up.

Together, they shared three children, two daughters, and a son.

Ripley parker

Born on December 17, 2000, Ripley Parker is the first daughter of Thandiwe Newton and Ol Parker. The 22-year-old has followed in her father’s footsteps and has become a writer. In fact, the first series of it is being picked up by Netflix. According to Deadline, Ripley will be credited as a writer on the upcoming show The F**k It Bucket.

Nico parker

Born December 9, 2004, Nico Parker is the second daughter and son of Newton and Ol Parker. Like her mother, she has made a career for herself in the film industry. She started her career early on, making her big screen debut in the live-action film Dumbo in 2019.

Since then, she has appeared in The Third Day and Reminiscence, which also starred her mother, Newton. She will next star in Laura Chinn’s directorial Suncoast. Nico Parker has also appeared at several red carpet events with her mother, most recently in September 2022, at the Ticket to Paradise premiere.

Booker Jombe Parker

Born on March 3, 2014, Booker Jombe Parker is the third and only child of Newton and Ol Parker. The Westworld actress announced the birth of the couple’s third child through a tweet that revealed that all three of her children were born at home.

While appearing in an interview on Today, Thandiwe spoke about giving birth to her children at her home, saying:

“I had just associated the hospital with being sick, and I felt beautiful and healthy and wonderful when I was pregnant, and being at home is the place where I felt most relaxed and comfortable.”

Although Booker doesn’t attend many red carpet events with his parents, he appears on Newton’s social media.