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Terry Payne was charged with the two counts of animal neglect after the two dogs were found at his Meadville home last week. He could face two years in jail for the charges.

Terry Payne Age

He is 73 years old.

Terry Payne Charged with Animal Neglect

A Pennsylvania man has been charged with animal neglect after two of his young dogs were found with severe chemicals burns they’d receive from Drain-O he allegedly poured on them.

According to the Erie News Now reports, He could face up to two years in jail for the charges. The Drain-O is said to have been on the dogs for weeks.

The ANNA Shelter Animal Cruelty Division shared in a Facebook post that Officer Duckett was called to Payne’s home after a concerned resident called and said that ‘the owners were not seeking medical care’ for a dog at the home.

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Duckett got to the residents and found that the two dogs had extensive injuries over a majority of their body.

Goldie, a two-year-old terrier mix, was found weighing only 10lbs. She suffered burns that exposed muscles and tendons on her head, face, muzzle and front legs – with 80 per cent of that area being burned.

‘Her skin has contracted so badly that she cannot close her lips and only her bottom eyelids can move,’ the release continued.

The second dog, a nine-month-old Pit bull mix named Chopper, suffered a majority of his burns on his back and torso. He also lost his right ear as a result of the burns.

Duckett and the shelter share that Payne initially ‘refused to cooperate’ and would not release the dogs, who were eventually taken to the Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center.

‘These dogs have suffered tremendously and still have a long road to recovery,’ ANNA said in their statement, adding that both dogs were expected to survive.


‘The amazing doctors and staff at PVSEC have been giving these dogs lots of extra love and attention as they will most likely be there for the next few weeks,’ they stated.

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