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Terry Kelly, 36, was charged Thursday night with Cleo’s disappearance for 18 days after she was dramatically rescued from a Carnarvon, Western Australia home in the early hours of Wednesday morning. The police charged him with multiple crimes, including kidnapping. Since Kelly’s arrest, several social media accounts that allegedly belonged to her have surfaced, where she brags about her love for Bratz dolls.

A social media account is allegedly dedicated solely to his obsession with dolls, showing a room in a house full of toys. It is unknown if the room is at Kelly’s home in Tonkin Crescent, where he met Cleo. When asked about the alleged obsession with the dolls and whether Kelly could have used the toys to attract Cleo, police told the assembled media at a press conference that they would not comment on it.

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Terry Kelly is 36 years old.

Terry Kelly Arrested – Charged

Other profiles allegedly linked to Kelly list children and family members, but the man’s neighbors and old friends said they were unaware that he had children. One of the social media accounts followed Cleo’s mother, Ellie Smith, where she asked for help finding her missing four-year-old girl who was pulled from a tent while camping on the Blowholes grounds 75 kilometers to the north. from his hometown.

Detectives said that when they found Cleo inside the house, she was playing with toys. Bodycam footage shows the brave girl being taken out of the house, her hair is clean and combed and her pajamas are fresh and clean. Neighbors allowed Daily Mail Australia to enter her property to take a look over the fence at Kelly’s home, where Cleo was allegedly held for nearly three weeks.

There are no signs of children’s toys or games, instead just a dusty bare yard strewn with trash and palisades of fencing. All windows are completely blacked out, hidden from public view, and overgrown shrubs and bushes crawl up the walls of the Tonkin Crescent Housing Commission House.

Neighbors say the community is reeling from the revelation that the ‘quiet guy’ at number 18 is supposedly the man at the center of the world’s largest kidnapping story. He reportedly kept his two dogs in the backyard until recently, moving them to the front of the closed house in recent weeks.

Neighbors tell Daily Mail Australia that they still can’t believe little Cleo was right under her nose the entire time. I have kids the same age, ” Kelly’s adjacent neighbor said at number 16. I watched (Kelly) come and go. I didn’t really interact with him, he kept to himself. It’s a pretty friendly neighborhood, but it was closed. ”

The man said that he never saw dolls with his neighbor. I never saw anything like that. I just saw him driving his car up and down the street or hanging out (Woolworths) in town. Forensic officers, working in a makeshift tent outside the home, were seen busy coming and going from today with police tape cordoning off the site and the surrounding street.

Earlier Thursday, Detective Sergeant Cameron Blaine said police were not yet in a position to confirm reports from a toy room and the man’s alleged fascination with dolls. I think I said the lights were on and she was playing with toys, ” he said. That is all I want to say. This is still a matter that must be brought to court. There are certain aspects of what we saw, you know, that will be evidence and I really don’t want to say anything that is going to prejudge that. ‘

However, the police confirmed that they believe the defendant acted “completely alone” in removing Cleo from the camp. The charges are expected to be filed later Thursday as soon as officers finish interviewing Kelly. Cleo spent her first night at her home with her mother Ellie Smith, her stepfather Jake Gliddon and her little sister after her 18-day disappearance.

“She has been examined at the hospital and is physically fine,” said Superintendent Rod Wilde. Cleo will be interviewed by child-minded interviewers at the “right time,” but in the meantime, she enjoys playing with her sister and getting lots of hugs from her mother and stepfather. Washington Prime Minister Mark McGowan described Cleo as a charming and well-adjusted child after meeting her at the family home early in the morning.

It was a lovely experience meeting that girl. She was cheerful, playful, friendly, sweet. She was lovely, ” she said. Fundamentally decent and honest human beings, they were lovely people and it was great to meet them and acknowledge what they’ve been through. We have a way to go from here, but they are on the right track. ‘

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