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Suzy Welch Wiki – Biography

Suzy Welch was born on 1959 in Portland, Oregon, United States. Suzy Welch was Jack Welch’s wife. The couple married in 2004 after first meeting in 2001.

CNBC first reported that Jack Welch had died On March 2, 2020, at the age of 84.Welch had passed away at his home on the night of March 1, surrounded by his family, including his wife. Suzy, 61, told the network that her husband passed away due to renal failure,report said.

Suzy Welch Age

She is 61 years old.

Family and Education

Suzy was born Suzanne Spring in Portland, Oregon, in 1959, the third of four children. Suzy was raised in New England and New York. She would go on to graduate from Harvard Business School as well as Harvard and Ratcliffe College. Suzy told Boston Magazine in a 2006 feature that her father was an architect who regularly moved the family from town-to-town in a bid to make it as an architecture professor.

In the same interview, Suzy said that her mother had a PhD from Columbia University and worked as a school administrator. Suzy added that the family was financially stable as her grandfather had made a “small fortune” in real estate. New York Magazine reported in 2002 that Suzy’s grandfather had been a butcher who invested in real estate in New York City during the great depression.

Suzy began her working life as a reporter, first at the Miami Herald where she was on the crime beat. In 1984, Suzy moved to Boston to become a part of the Associated Press’s bureau in the city. In 1985, Suzy married her first husband.

The couple had met at Phillips Exeter Academy. From there, Suzy went back to study at Harvard Business School, graduating in the top five percent of her class. Suzy’s first job in finance was with Bain & Company. During her time, Suzy published her first book, a crime thriller named “Judgement Call.” Suzy went back into the media in 1992 when she accepted a role with the Harvard Business Review.

Jack Welch’s Wife

Suzy told the Harvard Crimson in June 2006 that she met Welch in October 2001 when she was due to interview him for the Harvard Business Review. Shortly afterward, Suzy and Welch went for lunch, which was the “longest in the history of mankind,” and dinner on the same day. The day after that, Suzy says she told her editor to pull the article she had written on Welch before resigning. Suzy says, “I was fired. They would tell you I resigned. Whatever, I left.”

Jack Welch said of the interview when speaking to Boston Magazine in 2006, “It was the most spectacular, fun interview. We’re one of the few couples in the world who have a tape recording of our first meeting, of our first, ‘Hi. How are you?’ We sat in Nantucket two summers ago and we played it.”

A May 2002 feature in New York Magazine on Suzy and Welch’s relationship alleges that the couple conducted an affair while the former General Electric CEO was married to his second wife. The magazine says that Suzy and Welch were rumbled when the latter’s wife picked up a phone extension and overheard a conversation between the pair. The article says that Welch confessed everything to his wife two months into his relationship with Suzy.

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Suzy says that she and Welch read the Bible together as a demonstration of their shared faith. Suzy told Nantucket Magazine that early in their relationship, Welch asked her to explain her faith to him.

Suzy says, “So we started a conversation with each other and our pastor, and we took two years to read the Bible together from the first page to the last. It was a great journey of learning for both of us. Lots and lots of debates and discussions about what it meant. We haven’t stopped talking about it yet.”

Husband Death Cause

Jack Welch, who led General Electric through 20 years of its greatest financial success, has died. He was 84.elch became CEO of GE in 1981 and led it until his retirement in 2001.

GE CEO Larry Culp said in a statement “Today is a sad day for the entire GE family,”. “Jack was larger than life and the heart of GE for half a century. He reshaped the face of our company and the business world. Jack was a strong and constant influence throughout my career despite never having worked directly for him.”


Net Worth

Her net worth is $120 Million USD which include Husband income.


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