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Susan Meachen Wiki, Biography

The indie romance book community was recently shocked after author Susan Meachen returned from the dead. The His Wicked Way writer was believed to be dead since September 2020 when her alleged daughter posted online that she committed suicide. However, the writer is back, and the internet doesn’t seem to be taking it well.

The Finding Faith author recently addressed the Facebook group, The Ward, and left netizens stunned. She revealed that her family made the decision to declare her dead while she was battling a mental health crisis. The post said:

“I guess there will be tons of questions and a lot of people will leave the group. But my family did what they thought was best for me and I can’t blame them for that.”
She added:

“I almost died by my own hand again and they had to go through all that hell again. Going back to The Ward doesn’t mean much, but I’m in a good place now and I look forward to writing again. Let the fun begin.” ”

While the Meachen family maintained the author was deceased, they blamed online trolls and other romance writers for bullying her. Meanwhile, Susan Meachen’s online friends mourned the loss of a friend and raised money for her funeral expenses.

They also worked pro bono to edit one of the author’s unpublished works to fulfill what was described as Susan’s dying wish: the release of her last novel before her daughter’s wedding.

Who is Susan Meachen?

Susan Meachen is a self-published freelance author whose books are available on Amazon. Some of her most popular pieces include Finding Faith, His Wicked Way, Never / Ever, among others. In her author biography of her, she describes herself as:

“Author of perfectly flawed romances.”

At the time of her alleged death, she was reportedly working on her latest novel Love to Last a Lifetime. This was supposedly published posthumously by Meachen’s daughter in October 2020, who completed the final rewrites.

Fellow author and indie romance community member Samantha A. Cole revealed that she had been grieving over Meachen’s death. The first went on to express her outrage at the fake death. Speaking about how he felt about the supposed passing of Susan Meachen, Cole wrote in a Facebook post:

“Personally, I was harassed by another author who loves to create drama, claiming that I was one of the authors who bullied Susan into suicide. I was heartbroken when I realized it had been a few months since I chatted with Susan on private messages and I wished I had reached out sooner.”

Cole also explained how she realized that a Facebook user by the name of TN Steele, who insisted on assuming the role of admin for The Ward Facebook group, was none other than Meachen herself.

In another Facebook video, Cole called the situation “beyond psychotic.” She also revealed that she got engaged to Susan Meachen after she returned to the Facebook community.

In the messages shared between the two, Meachen claimed that she had “no control” over her family’s decision to declare her dead as she “fought” for her life. In another text message, Meachen claimed that she “wasn’t worried about the world of books” and let her go back because she felt that she “was never really into it” of her.

In the Facebook video of her, Cole vehemently stated that she was against Meachen’s actions. She said: “I’m happy she’s alive because I don’t want to wish anyone dead. But I can’t tolerate what she did, and I can’t forgive what she did.”

Netizens React to Susan Meachen’s Rising from the Dead

Netizens were stunned by the death hoax. Many were quick to believe that the Losing Hope author was in on the intricate scheme to boost sales of her book and reap other kinds of financial benefits. Some reactions to the matter at hand say:

It’s unclear if Meachen will continue to release books under her real name due to the backlash she’s received recently.