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15 Best Floral Summer Dresses You’ll LOVE

Romantic and whimsical, sweet and flowy, soft and feminine – floral summer dresses are always in style when the weather’s gorgeous. And, honestly, there’s no better time to rock beautiful blooms than a sunny day. So, if you’re on a mission to find incredible figure-flattering summer dresses, have we got a list for you.

From maxi dresses to midi dresses to dresses that show off a little more skin, our list of the best floral sundress styles is sure to have you looking great and ready for whatever the season may bring. We’ve even included a few trendy “nap dresses” for those days where you just want to throw on something effortless and comfortable. For all the details on the best looks to wear this summer, read on.

How To Accessorize Floral Summer Dresses

With bold patterns and gorgeous prints, floral summer dresses are definitely statement-makers. Considered an “instant outfit,” this style doesn’t need much else to make an impact or look complete. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t jazz up an already jazzy fashion choice. While we’d recommend taking a minimalistic approach to accessorize any floral look, there are some fun elements to add that can make this summertime favorite seriously pop.


We know – summer is not the time to add extra layers. However, not everyday or occasion is created equal. When the weather is anything but nice or a late-night party calls for something “extra,” a jacket is a perfectly appropriate accessory in the summer. We love the combination of light leather jackets with floral summer dresses. They add an edginess to an otherwise feminine look and provide a bit of that “cool girl” vibe we all strive to have. This faux-leather motorcycle jacket from Levi’s is one of our favorites as it’s a timeless style that can be rocked with other outfits as well.


While many of the floral summers dresses on our list feature waist-defining elements, some of them are pretty free-flowing. So, if you want to add a little more structure and shape to your silhouette, think about throwing on a belt. We actually love pairing floral dresses with belts that complement the look without being too matchy-matchy. It’s okay to have fun with this accessory type, too. So, if you’re digging a bold pop of color, go for it.


No matter the heel height, sandals complement summer dresses beautifully. There’s just something about showing off those freshly pedicured toes, right? While the style of the dress ultimately dictates the style of the sandal, you can’t go wrong with the incredible line-up of new releases from DSW. Check them out here.


Clutch bags have long been our favorite purse style to rock with dresses. Why? They don’t ruin the ensemble with those pesky crossbody straps and bulky silhouettes. That might be a personal preference of ours, but we’re all about clean looks and lines.

Can You Wear Floral Year-Round

Floral dresses are favored by many women because they invoke a sense of warmth and freshness. A natural fit for spring and summer, these bold and bright patterns can absolutely be worn during the colder days of fall and winter, too.

Bringing a much-needed pop of fun and color to an otherwise dreary part of the calendar, floral dresses are sure to brighten up the party, workplace, or romp through the pumpkin patch. Of course, not all florals work throughout the year. Our list of best floral summer dresses features looks that feature fabrics and colors perfect for warmer weather, but with so many designers creating looks with different patterns and color tones, there’s definitely a floral for every month.


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