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Who is Sumit Singh and Jenny Slatten? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Incident Detail

Sumit Singh Wiki – Sumit Singh Biography

Sumit Singh and Jenny Slatten 90 Day Fiance celebrated their second wedding anniversary by looking back on their turbulent history and the obstacles they faced in their love. ’90 Day Fiance’ fans expressed their love and support for the couple, praising their resilience and loyalty to each other.Many people are confused about whether Jenny and Sumit from ’90 Day Fiancé’ are still in India or have immigrated to the United States. Sumit from India led Jenny from Palm Springs to believe that he was Michael Jones a decade ago, and his journey began. When Jenny and Sumit chose to marry against all odds in August 2021, the distance and 30-year age difference didn’t matter. The couple have somehow stayed together, despite teasing from their family.

Happy anniversary to Jenny and Sumit, one of the fan-favorite couples of ’90 Day Fiancé’! On August 17, the TLC couple provided a glimpse inside their two-year marriage on Instagram with a joint post written by Sumit, “Today we have completed 2 years of marriage. These 2 years have gone by very quickly. These 2 years have been so peaceful and beautiful. Thank you so much and happy anniversary my love @jan_frmsan”Along with the caption was a photo of Jenny and Sumit posing in front of a mosaic wall in India, Sumit’s country, and where they currently reside. Jenny stomped one foot in the air and raised an arm near her head, while Sumit remained calm. They took to Instagram and shared a sweet snapshot of themselves from Rajasthan’s Amber Sheesh Mahal Fort. Jenny donned a bright pink dress, while her husband wore a white shirt and pants.

After years of watching Jenny and Sumit’s journey on TV, well-wishers are leaving their support in the comments. One user commented: “Extraordinary! He is a true gentleman. A man who stays with a woman for true love, no matter what others think along the way! That says a lot and is what we all strive for. The glow on your face is the epitome of passion and happiness. May you both keep shining and living amazing lives! ❤️❤️.” While one user asked: “Did your parents finally accept you?” Others wished the couple: “Happy Anniversary to a fantastic couple! You’ve both been through a lot and come out stronger for it! You both look great.

Sumit Singh Age

Sumit Singh is 26 years old.

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Incident Detail

One fan also commented, “I LOVE how unbelievably honest you guys are with each other! Unconditional love.” Another user noted: “I’m glad they’re still together. I’m surprised though, but it’s good for them. God bless.” Others wished: “Happy anniversary. Blessings to both of you… As long as you love each other… those who had doubts don’t matter… and you both proved them wrong!!!”Jenny and Sumit tied the knot in an intimate Hindu-style wedding on the season 3 finale of the TLC hit in 2021. The long-distance couple tied the knot nearly ten years after meeting online. Sumit opened the show by explaining her reason for stopping his marriage request. However, Sumit later changed his mind.

Jenny’s visa was about to expire, so the wedding had to happen quickly. Due to the rapid change, they did not inform Sumit’s parents of her plans, assuming they would try to prevent the marriage from taking place. Sumit acknowledged that he was “a little nervous” about keeping his parents in the dark about the wedding. Jenny also marked the occasion by uploading a goofy snap of the couple on Instagram. “We are married,” she added, accompanied by a series of emoticons.The family of the New Delhi, India resident rejected Jenny as his girlfriend. She disowned him after learning that she had actually married the American, who was considerably older. Furthermore, Sumit’s mother insisted on not being in the same room as Jenny. As a result, she considered returning to the United States. She had been a resident of Palm Springs, California at the time she initially appeared on the show.

The couple’s relationship was rocky for three seasons before getting married in the season three finale in 2021. Jenny’s visa was not up for renewal, so the wedding had to be planned early. Viewers had grown bored with Sumit and Jenny’s stormy relationship. Her post-marriage updates, on the other hand, have really gained a following. Everyone reacted positively to the announcement of the couple’s second anniversary.Jenny didn’t seem to be accepted into the family based on how their love story had played out on TV. Recent photos of a Christmas party with Sumit’s brothers on their Instagram profiles led fans to believe they were making progress behind the scenes.

Sumit Singh earns a living in addition to his appearances on reality shows. Sumit was working as a cook at a friend’s cafe before the COVID-19 epidemic. The TV star has frequently shared photos of food he has prepared on social media, expressing his enthusiasm for cooking. Viewers of ’90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’ watched Sumit prepare for a court appearance when he divorced his first wife in an October 2020 episode. Sumit’s ex-wife filed certain allegations against him and he he also had to deal with spousal support.Jenny Slatten took a chance on love by selling everything she owned in America to be with her love interest, Sumit Singh. The couple, who have a contentious 30-year age gap, have faced various challenges since the start of their romance over a decade ago, but they finally made it down the aisle! Jenny also makes money with Cameo by selling custom fan videos. The TLC star charges more than $75 for each video.

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