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Suelyn Medeiros, who brags of a whopping 2.6M followers on Instagram, is known for her sultry display of her voluptuous self on the photo blogging app. Her Instagram profile showcases her enviable curves in flashy bikinis at exotic locations around the world — from deserts to beaches and more — and she is often seen traveling inside what looks like expensive private jets.

According to the lawsuit, the victim spotted Medeiros in 2010 in a Chris Brown music video and decided to shoot her a message on Twitter. Just a day later, Medeiros allegedly responded to the victim who was a teenager at the time, and invited her to a Miami party that she was hosting. Soon after, Medeiros asked the victim if she would like to come with her to a billionaire fashion designer friend’s private island in the Bahamas for a “fun party weekend”, reveals the lawsuit, detailing the victims recount as: “She’s like, ‘we’ll fly you over there and it’s amazing. There’s jet skis, parasailing… it’s a billionaire’s private island.’ I was like, ‘Awesome. Hell, yeah.’ Like, I was a kid and I’m like, this is how celebrities live and now I’m going to be like one.”

Suelyn Medeiros Age

Suelyn Medeiros is 34 years old.

Peter Nygård & Suelyn Medeiros

Medeiros and Nygard have been photographed together at many events including the Virgin Unites Midnight Magic Gala in 2007. According to legal papers, Medeiros was known as Nygard’s “top girlfriend” and “recruiter.”

The legal paper says Medeiros “lived in Nygard’s Marina Del Ray compound for at least five years, received significant cash, salary, jewelry, plastic surgery, stem cell injection and cars in exchange for trafficking victims to Nygard.”

The 29-year-old woman, named as Jane Doe in the lawsuit, claims Nygard raped her in 2010 – when she was 18 – and that Medeiros was partially to blame for allegedly luring her to the Bahamas.

Nygard has since been charged with racketeering, sex trafficking, and related crimes involving at least dozens of victims in the United States, the Bahamas, and Canada, among other locations.

Arrested & Charge

Medeiros has not been arrested or charged, and her lawyers Jayne Weintraub and Jonathan Etra said their client denies the accusations.

“Ms. Medeiros vehemently denies these false and salacious allegations and looks forward to the court dismissing these baseless claims,” her lawyers said in an email to CBC.

Accusations about Medeiros

The accusations are made in two separate US lawsuits in which it is alleged they conspired to provide Nygard “with a steady pool of victims,” reports CBC. The 29-year-old woman in the Medeiros lawsuit – named only as Jane Doe – is seeking damages under the US federal s*ex trafficking statute.

She alleges Medeiros befriended her and then coerced her to travel to Nygard’s private compound in the Bahamas, say the reports. The lawsuit claims the former Playboy model then told her she was “required to have s*ex with Nygard.”

It states Doe suffered “physical, psychological, financial and reputational harm. I can’t face the world because of that, because I feel like so much light and happiness was taken from me,” Jane Doe said in an interview with CBC.

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In 2010, she saw Medeiros in a Chris Brown music video and decided to send her a message via Twitter and she replied, it’s claimed.

She said Medeiros then followed her on Twitter and the two started talking with the model eventually inviting the teen to a party in Miami, according to the lawsuit. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, she’s so amazing. She’s so beautiful. I want to be like her,'” said Jane Doe.

After the party, Doe said Medeiros asked if she wanted to come with her to a friend’s private island for “a fun party weekend,” the lawsuit said. I was like, ‘Awesome. Hell, yeah.’ Like, I was a kid and I’m like, this is how celebrities live and now I’m going to be like one,” said Jane Doe.

She added it wasn’t until she got to the island that Medeiros told her why she had been invited.

“Medeiros instructed Jane Doe that she was required to have s*ex with Nygard against Jane Doe’s wishes, stating that she shouldn’t worry because s*ex with Nygard ‘wasn’t that bad’ and would be ‘really fast and easy,'” alleges the lawsuit.

Nygard forced the 18-year-old into his bedroom and r**aped her, according to the lawsuit adding the next morning he allegedly handed her $500 US as “payment.”




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