Who is Sudesh Amman?(London Terror Attack Suspect) Wiki, Bio, Age, Death, Victim, Terror Attack, Investigation Report

Sudesh Amman Bio – Wiki

Sudesh Amman shot and killed after the 2 p.m. attack in Streatham in south London — had been let out of lockup a week ago, where he was serving time for charges of disseminating and possession documents containing terrorist information.

Sudesh Amman Age

He was 20 years old.

Suspect of London Terror Attack

Police said he also sent videos to relatives and acquaintances on a WhatsApp group, including images of beheadings he sent to his girlfriend.

“Although the suspect has not been formally identified, given the circumstances of the incident, we are confident that he was Sudesh Amman“, Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Lucy D’Orsi announced.
Police earlier called the attack a terrorist incident believed to be “Islamist-related.”

Sudesh Amman Killed by Police after Three Injuries

The man shot dead by police in London after a stabbing attack that injured three people Sunday has been identified as an ex-con who served prison time for terrorist offenses — and was released just days earlier.

According to The Guardian He was released after serving only part of his three-year-and-four-month sentence.

Amman was under police surveillance when he started his knife attack, while wearing a fake bomb vest, on Sunday afternoon. He was shot dead by police.

In May 2018, Amman was arrested by armed police and charged with 10 terror-related offences: seven of making a record of information likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism and three of dissemination of terrorist publications.

Criminal History

Late in 2017, he shared images via WhatsApp of child fighters with Islamic State-inspired propaganda, images of IS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi and told his brother that IS still exists, is “here to stay” and described “reward from jihad”.

He spoke via online chats about Muslims in London being massacred and put in conditions worse than concentration camps, said that Jews were doing worse to Muslims and that Yazidi women were slaves and it was permissible to rape them.

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Reports at the time also said he had told his girlfriend she should murder her “kuffar” parents.

Early in 2018, he had been discussing school with one of his siblings when he said he would “rather blow myself up” and wanted to know “how to make bombs”.

He also posted photos of a young man with a large knife, an image of text attributed to ‘Sheikh Faisal’ (convicted extremist Trevor Forrest), and images appearing to show his siblings in poses reminiscent of IS-inspired poses.

In November 2018, he pleaded guilty to seven of the charges and the other three were left to lie on file.

He was jailed for three years and four months in December 2018.

Victim of London Terror Attack

As per the underlying reports, two individuals were injured, yet then expanded to three individuals.

Three individuals, including the two cutting unfortunate casualties and one who was hit by glass after a police terminated, were taken to close by medical clinics, in the wake of supporting some dangerous and minor wounds, police affirmed.

Investigation Report

According to Investigation He had used documents about making explosives, weaponry, and carrying out terrorist attacks. Among them were manuals on bomb-making, knife-fighting and close combat.


Police found he had shared his extremist views with his family – including siblings as young as 11, friends, and girlfriend, views which included his desire to carry out a terror attack using a knife or committing acid attacks from a moped.

Police have found a notepad in his home, where he had listed his “life goals”.


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