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Steven Pankey Wiki – Steven Pankey Biography

Steve Pankey has been identified as a native of Greeley, Colorado, the United States who kidnapped and murdered the 12-year-old girl Jonelle Matthews, who went missing from the town of Greeley, Colorado in 1984, her remains were finally found in a desolate field southeast of the town, according to the Greeley Police Department.

Pankey was arrested almost four decades after her death.

He attended Aims Community College and La Puente High School. His bio says that he studied criminal justice.

Pankey ran unsuccessfully for governor in Idaho as a Constitution Party candidate in 2014. In 2018, he ran again for governor in Idaho but as a Republican and was unsuccessful again, and it’s the same year when he became a person of interest in the case of Matthews. More recently, he ran for Sheriff of Twin Falls in Idaho this past May but lost.

Steven Pankey Age

Steve Pankey is 69 years old.


Pankey and his former wife Angela Hicks had one son. In 2008, his son was murdered in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. At his son’s funeral, Hicks heard him say, “I hope God didn’t allow this to happen because of Jonelle Matthews.”

Steven Pankey Kidnapping and Killing Jonelle Matthews Allegations

Pankey allegedly took Matthews from her home in Greeley on December 20, 1984, between 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and shot her in the head.

On December 22, 1984, he took his family on a Christmas trip to California, USA, which Hicks, his former wife, described as unexpected. She said while on their way back from California to Greeley, he kept listening to the radio to get updates on Matthews’ disappearance. When they arrived home on December 26, 1984, he immediately started digging in their yard. On December 28, 1984, a car on their property burst into flames. Hicks said he disposed of the burnt car at a local salvage yard.

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During a church service he and his family attended in 1985, the minister announced Matthews would be found safe. He called the minister a false prophet, according to Hicks, and parishioners had to remove him because he became increasingly agitated.

In 1999, he filed a pleading with the Idaho Supreme Court in Boise, Idaho. He argued that “it is reasonable for the appellant to believe he would get the death penalty” for revealing the location of Matthews’ body” if the court ruled in a certain fashion and the case “will never be solved” without a deal.

In April 2003, he filed a pleading in which he stated that Matthews’ family should be informed that she “died before crossing 10th st. (sic) and not to give the family hope.”

Arrested and Charges

On October 5, 2020, he was arrested without incident at his home in Meridian, Greeley Tribune reported. He was charged with first-degree murder after deliberation, first-degree felony murder, second-degree kidnapping, and two counts of crime of violence. He was indicted for killing the child by shooting her in the head, court records show.

He is being held without bond at the Ada County Jail in Idaho where he will await extradition to Weld County. He appeared in court on October 13, 2020.


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