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Stanley Gaston Gracius is the Pennsylvania man who was arrested at a Walmart after purchasing a bicycle for his son. Witnesses recorded the arrest, which includes footage of an officer using a taser and later tying Gracius’ legs together with a belt. The videos have been widely shared on social media.

Gracius repeatedly asked the officers why he was being detained and insisted over and over again that he had not done anything wrong. Witnesses were also heard off-camera expressing confusion about why Gracius was under arrest since he had paid for the bicycle and had a receipt to prove it. In a video shared to Reddit, one man remarked at least three times that Gracius was targeted because he is Black.

The Berks County District Attorney’s Office released a statement on Facebook defending the arrest and said the Wyomissing Police officers had “acted appropriately.” According to the prosecutor, a store manager had asked Gracius to leave because he was riding the bike through the aisles and “playing loud music and yelling profanities at other shoppers.” The officers arrived as Gracius was paying for the bike.

Community members planned to gather at the Wyomissing Police Department on July 22 to protest against Gracius’ arrest, the Reading Eagle reported. Critics have argued on social media that the officers used excessive force against Gracius and targeted him because of his skin color.

According to a Facebook page that appears to belong to Gracius, he attended Reading Senior High School and graduated in 2001. Gracius included the nickname “Stan the Man” on his Facebook page.

Stanley Gracius Age

Gracius was born in 1983.


Gracius explained in the “details” section that he has three children, including a daughter and two sons. He wrote that he is self-employed and described his business as a type of investment strategy. “I love my biz, cuz it allows me to help ANYONE make this money. I’m looking for people who want more from life, than going to work, and punching a clock.”


Gracius is facing multiple charges related to the July 20 arrest. Berks County, Pennsylvania court records show Gracius was booked into the Berks County Prison and held on a $2,500 bond. The Berks County Sheriff, Eric Weaknecht, confirmed to Heavy via email that if Gracius could not make bail, he would be moved to the Berks County Jail.

A preliminary hearing was scheduled for August 6. The charges include:

Aggravated Assault: First-degree felony, 2 counts
Disarming Law Enforcement Officer: Third-degree felony
Simple Assault: Second-degree misdemeanor, 2 counts
Resisting Arrest: Second-degree misdemeanor
Defiant Trespass: Third-degree misdemeanor
Disorderly Conduct/Engage in Fighting: Third-degree misdemeanor

Court records show Gracius was previously arrested in Berks County on similar charges. The Reading City Police Department arrested him in October 2014 on charges including resisting arrest, disarming a law enforcement officer and defiant trespassing. Gracius pleaded guilty in that case. A representative for the Berks County Jail System confirmed to Heavy over the phone that Gracius served a few months behind bars.


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Gracius was outside of the Walmart with the officers for at least 10 minutes before he was placed in the police vehicle and driven away. In a video shared to Reddit, Gracius yelled out that he didn’t know why he was being arrested and asked someone to share the video on Facebook. He looked directly into the cellphone camera, stated his name, and explained that he went to Walmart to buy a bicycle for his son. Gracius said he used both cash and a credit card to pay for the bike.

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A third officer arrived on the scene and Gracius asked him, “Why are your friends doing this to me?” The third officer told Gracius he had no idea why he was arrested, urged Gracius to remain calm and that they would figure it out.

This exchange goes on for several more minutes, with Gracius repeating that he had done nothing wrong and the officers repeatedly urging him to get in the vehicle. Gracius asked witnesses in the crowd to explain to him why he was being arrested and one person responded, “Because you’re black.” In the video embedded above, neither Gracius nor the police officers were heard on video mentioning race. At one point, Gracius accused the officers of “kidnapping” him.

Eventually, the officers pushed Gracius into the vehicle but he refused to put his legs inside. One of the officers walked away and returned moments later with what appeared to be a leather belt. They used the belt to tie Gracius’ legs together. About eight and a half minutes into the video, Gracius yelled out, “They’re fastening my legs! I hope everybody sees this!” As they did so, one of the officers told Gracius not to kick him.


Videos that have circulated on Reddit and Twitter show what happened after two Wyomissing Police officers first approached Gracius. In one clip, Gracius was heard telling the two officers that he had paid for the bike. They asked him to put his hands behind his back and he responded, “Please stop!”

One of the officers used a taser on Gracius while the second officer put his hand on the back of Gracius’ head. Gracius yelled out “Why are you doing this to me” and “I paid for my stuff” as he was taken down to the ground.

Gracius kept insisting he had not done anything wrong as the officers pinned him to the ground and told him to stop resisting. At one point, Gracius shouted out that he hoped others could see what was happening. One of the officers was heard instructing Gracius to let them put the handcuffs on him, to which he again asked why he was being detained.

Once Gracius was back on his feet, with his hands behind his back in cuffs, he asked the crowd of witnesses to verify that they had seen him pay for the bicycle. He also insisted he had a receipt.


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