New York City Cops Nab Suspect: Who is Sonny Alloway? Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Abducting Video, Charges and Investigation Reports

Sonny Alloway Biography – Wiki

Sonny Alloway is distinguished as the New York captured man who supposedly attempted to snatch a lady on the tram in an episode that was gotten on record by another observer, the New York Post detailed.


He is 48 years old as of 2019.

Sonny Alloway Abducting Video

Astonishing film has developed of an endeavored snatching which occurred on a New York City metro train in the Bronx.

The supposed suspect is blamed for snatching the unidentified lady and carting her away a Bronx metro vehicle at about 2:45 a.m.

The 48-year-old suspect was recorded by an observer initially attempting to converse with the unidentified lady as she laid down with her face secured, at that point snatching her and running off the train with her when it was at a stop at the Morrison Avenue-Soundview station.

Once on the stage, the suspect seemed to lose his nerve. He let go of the lady and she wrangled free, running back on to the train with the assistance of another traveler.

In the video, the lady seemed, by all accounts, to be attempting to rest when he first beginning addressing her.

She was perched on the metro with a scarf covering her face, attempting to overlook him, as he addressed her.

When the train had halted, Alloway sprang from his seat, snatched her up and carted her away the train.

She kicked and battled against him.

Once on the stage, he let her go and sat on a seat as though nothing had occurred.


Charged and Arrested

Alloway was accused of unlawful detainment. He was then captured.

Investigation Reports

It is indistinct if the lady, whose age and name have not been uncovered, is destitute.

The man – who was not wearing shoes – at that point strolled off the train as though to approach Alloway before coming back to his seat.

The viral video shows a man wearing red sitting opposite the lady who has all the earmarks of being attempting to stand out enough to be noticed. At a certain point, before the train leaves the station, the man in red lifts up the lady and ways out the vehicle.

Another man from the train was shocked conscious by the disturbance. The lady seemed to know him and was signaling for him to wake up, saying: “He snatched me!'”

Police told the paper that Sonny Alloway was caught Monday evening after the video surfaced.



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