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Sometimes I Think About You TikTok Song Lyrics Meaning Explained With Its Viral Videos

Sometimes I think of you; a line from the melody Heat Waves by Glass Animals is circulating the web on Tiktok. The tune has been highlighted in many recordings and has been played several times.

The hugely famous tune Heat Waves has been played multiple times at a mind-boggling 1.8 on Spotify, making it arguably the most popular tune on the sound streaming application. The tune was selected for Best British Single at the 2022 Brit Awards, in addition to numerous accolades.

Every now and then I think of you TikTok Lyrics Meaning Recently, a tune called Heat Waves has become a web sensation on Tiktok. The melody contains the verses, “Occasionally, I’m only thinking about you,” which are captivating to many people.

The tune by British indie musical gang Glass Animals has been played on Tiktok before. The bow of the tune contains the lines: “Sometimes all I think about is you, late June evenings, heat waves have fooled me, I can’t make you happier right now.”

The tune is about misfortune, longing and a final acknowledgment that you can’t save something. The artist of the tune, Dave Bayley, said it’s about memories and sentimentality, and occasionally people feel more of that during the colder time of year.

The melody starts on a high note and then falls into despair before coming full circle in a bright, hopeful finale, akin to the promising and less promising times of a real wave. Dave composed the verses in just 60 minutes, triggered by the death of a dear companion born in June.

A large number of recordings are made on Tiktok emphasizing the melody and the verses; sometimes all I think about is you. The viral tune has received a lot of attention, with several recordings having been played over 20 million times on Tiktok.

Glass Animals Heat Waves Viral Videos and Trends Glass Animals’ Heat Waves tune has been highlighted in countless recordings on Tiktok. The viral pattern is being discovered by a large number of customers around the world, increasing the ubiquity of the generally popular tune.

@lengvela88 Sometimes I think of you but I don’t know why we always fight when we’re together😪💔 #fyp #cartoon #for you #Tom and Jerry ♬ Heatwaves Delayed – Sadvibes🥀

A video featuring Tom and Jerry has been replayed 24.5 times on Tiktok. Likewise, there are many recordings that emphasize the verses. Sometimes I think you are played more than multiple times.

Due to the fame of the song, Glass Animals organized a remix competition for the song. Shakur Ahmad won and got his remix from the band, close to a remix by American DJ Diplo. Another remix highlights the vocals of American rapper Iann Dior.

The melody turned into a sleep hit around the world. On March 12, 2022, Heat Waves reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100, with a record 59 weeks to go to its peak on the perimeter. The tune is in the top 20 on the US charts as of now.

It is the UK band’s best single and has hit the top 20 of each pair of domains. It was the main tune to stay in the Australian top 10 for over a year and was confirmed there as the main tune of 2021.

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