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Sohail Ahmadi was two months old when his mother handed him over the fence to an American soldier who asked his family if they needed help. A 2-month-old baby handed over to US troops over a fence at Kabul airport amid President Biden’s chaotic evacuation in August is missing, according to a report. The US government acknowledged that it is trying to solve the disappearance of the baby Sohail Ahmadi, and the State Department told Reuters it is working “to explore all avenues to locate the child.”

The baby’s father, former US embassy guard Mirza Ali Ahmadi, his wife Suraya, and the couple’s other four children entered Kabul airport shortly after delivery, but could not find Sohail. Mirza Ali Ahmadi does not speak English, the news cable reports, and was initially told through a translator that the boy may have been in a separate part of Kabul airport or that he may have been evacuated separately to Qatar.

Baby handed to US troops over Kabul airport fence is missing:

A photo of a baby that was delivered to an American soldier over the fence amid the chaos at the Kabul airport in August had gone viral. Two months have passed since the incident and there is no news about the boy. The two-month-old baby was in danger of being crushed in the crowd and her mother, Suraya Ahmadi, decided to hand him over to an American soldier on a high fence who asked her family if they needed help. Suraya was at the airport with her husband Mirza Ali and her five children. Thinking that the family would soon be arriving at the entrance, which was only 16 feet away, they surrendered their baby, Sohail, but two months have passed since the incident and the parents are still searching for answers on her whereabouts.

The takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban has caused many tragedies. A couple of days ago, we reported on how families are turning to selling their daughters of men ages 9-55 to raise funds for survival. One such child is Parwana Malik, who sold for $ 2,217. But her sacrifice does not guarantee the long-term survival of the family. Her father said Abdul Malik said that the money he received from his 55-year-old son-in-law will only support his family for a few months, after which he will have to find another way to raise money for his family. . Since the inauguration, US officials at intake centers in the United Arab Emirates and the United States have reported an increase in the number of Afghan girls presenting themselves as “wives” of much older men. Reports have also emerged that the militant group rapes bodies or engages in necrophilia.

Thousands of Afghans flocked to Kabul airport in hopes of escaping the crisis-ravaged nation after the Taliban assumed power following the withdrawal of US troops. The militant group began to push people out of the gates and it took more than 30 minutes for the Mirza family to reach the other side of the airport fence. They were inside the airport, but her baby Sohail was nowhere to be seen. Mirza began a desperate search for her son, asking as many officials as he could about the whereabouts of her baby. She said a military commander told her that the baby could have been taken to a special area for children to keep them away from the chaos at the airport. However, the area was empty when she arrived.

The commander accompanied Mirza to all parts of the airport. Mirza could not understand her name due to the language barrier and she relied on her Afghan colleagues to communicate with him. “I spoke to maybe more than 20 people,” she said, adding that three days passed and every attempt to locate Sohail was futile. “All the officers, military or civil, with whom I came across asked about my baby.” Mirza said one of the civil officials told him that Sohail could have been evacuated by himself. “They said ‘we don’t have the resources to keep the baby here,'” he added. Mirza and Suraya with their four other children between the ages of 3 and 17 were put on an evacuation flight to Qatar from where they flew to Germany before finally arriving in the U.S. They are currently at Fort Bliss in Texas with others. refugees waiting to be resettled.

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