Who is Sofia Bryant? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Boyfriend, Career, Net Worth

Sofia Bryant Wiki – Biography

Sofia Bryant was born on 26th December 1999 in Harlem, New York and discovered her passion for acting since she was just a child. Just at the age of 12, she decided to pursue main career in acting while training period at musical theater in New York. Her career commenced slowly as she took up various commercials and advertising campaigns and gained experience of acting in front of camera. It boosted her confidence quite well to make her on screen debut from television industry.

She rose to prominence in television industry after making important contributions in television shows such as “the Good Wife”, Suspicion, “Bluewoods” and also made guest appearance in “The Code”. Recently she came into limelight after her role of “Dina” in the Netflix’s “I Am Not Okay with This”. Something quite like as “Eleven” from “Stranger Things”, a high school girl who discovered she has superpowers. She just nailed the character and currently breaking the internet as she is currently talk of the town.

Sofia Bryant Age

She is 20 years old.


Fans also may be surprised to know that Sofia is also Finnish and has “a lot of family back there” in Finland. Chatting with Brief Take, she told the outlet what she misses most when she’s in the U.S. “I miss my family when I’m not there, but I also just, I miss the food; I miss the berries; I miss the air. It’s a lot cleaner than Manhattan, New York,” she said.


Starring in the new Netflix series is Sofia’s breakout role in her budding acting career. Aside from I Am Not Okay With This, the 20-year-old’s previous credits include cameo roles in The Good Wife, Blue Bloods, and The Code.

Speaking of her role as Sydney’s BFF in the YA series, she told Pitt News that the show is “like X-Men meets Lady Bird, all wrapped together in a John Hughes bow.”

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Playing the popular high school girl with the jock boyfriend in the teen series, Sofia spoke with Brief Take about what she liked about her character. “I just really take notes from her sometimes, because she’s so confident and effervescent and she’s definitely the best friend that everybody deserves,” she said. “I really just love her confidence and the fact that she knows who she is, and she doesn’t have to tear down other people to feel good about herself.”


If you check out the young starlet on Instagram, you’ll see that she regularly shares pictures hanging out with her friends and fellow castmates. Most recently, Sofia posted a pic of the stars of the Netflix series, which she captioned: “Some freaks for your timeline.”

Her ‘Gram is full of Polaroid pics, which seems to be a staple for Sofia. She recently told Elite Daily about one picture in particular that was taken in July.


“This was at our wrap party,” she shared with the outlet. “We were shooting in this old high school. There was no air conditioning and it was super hot.” Adding, “My bangs are completely [out], I sweat out my entire look.”

Net Worth

Sofia is still in her starting phase of career but she’s surely gonna be the star in future. After appearing in various commercials and television series, her net worth might be around $500 thousands however exact numbers are yet to disclosed.


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