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A plane crashed late Tuesday morning in Saint-Girons, Ariège. The accident caused the death of two people, Simon De La Bretche and Baptiste Vignes. Simon De La Bretche and Baptiste Vignes were both master flight pilots and previous aerobatic champions.

In 2012, Simon was named bad habit title holder in individual aerobatics, two-time group title holder in 2010 and 2012, European hero in person in 2013, and three-time European boss in 2009, 2011 and 2013.

Simon De La Breteche Dead Cause: Baptiste Vignes Accident and crash Simon De La Bretche, 40, and Baptiste Vignes, 37, the two died in a terrible accident that occurred near Ariege. The specific reason for the accident is still under investigation. As directed by the prefecture, the plane crashed 3 kilometers from Antichan at 11:14 a.m. On Tuesday around 12.30 pm, firefighters and gendarmes were still on site.

The aircraft was a “model of an aerobatic aircraft assigned to Integral R” and “manufactured by Aura Aero in Toulouse Francazal”, according to a flight controller’s evidence obtained in the early evening.

The plane was being tried all the time, so Aura Aero recruited “gifted aerobatic pilots to test the plane’s capabilities and push it as far as possible.” After a turn, the plane could have stopped.

What’s going on with Baptiste Vignes? Baptiste Vignes, a previous aerobatic champion, died in a terrible plane crash. He was also the coach of the French aerobatic group. The disaster that cost them their lives happened at 11:14 am in the Ariège town of Prat-Bonrepaux.

The crisis administrations promptly came to help. They were on the scene within three minutes. “The two occupants of the plane were found in cardio-respiratory capture,” the prefecture said. “The SMUR was unable to resuscitate them.”

Vignes was a French, European and World Aerobatic Champion and flight instructor, production line pilot at Aura Aero and a previous Red Bull Air Race Challenger pilot in the years 2016-2019.

Simon De La Breteche Wikipedia Explored Simon de la Bretèche does not have a Wikipedia profile. He was born in August 1982 in Le Mans and grew up in Ancinnes, a small town in Nord-Sarthe near Alençon. He was initially introduced to aviation at the school of his cooperative.

He completed all his preparation at the flying club and was only delivered at the age of 15, making him the most youthful licensed pilot in France. In 1997 he accepted his basic pilot’s license and in 1999 he accepted his private pilot’s license.

He later became a member of the Caen Flying Club, where he learned aerobatics. Before pursuing his studies in aviation design, Simon de la Bretèche completed his studies at Alain d’Alençon secondary school.


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