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Convicted Liar Sherri Papini Wants Ex-Husband to Pay Legal Bills While She Lives It Up With New Boyfriend

Convicted liar Sherri Papini claims in court documents she needs her ex-husband to pay her to live, despite shacking up in a three-quarters of a million dollar mansion with her new boyfriend — the same new boyfriend she didn’t bother to mention in those court documents.

Papini famously pretended she was kidnapped a tortured for three weeks in 2016 when in reality she was shacked up with a old boyfriend, as CrimeOnline reported. She reappeared on Thankgsiving Day that year with a chain wrapped around her waist and claimed two Hispanic women kidnapped her and locked her in a closet. She had injuries, too, but investigators later determined the fraudster had inflicted those injuries on herself.

Papini ultimately pleaded guilty to mail fraud and lying to police. She spent more than year in prison and was fined more than $300,000, most of that to cover victim’s funding she received from government agencies. She also collected nearly $50,000 from a GoFundMe.

Her husband, Keith Papini, filed for divorce once he realized the extent of her lies and sought full custody of the couple’s two children. Sherri Papini then claimed she lied because her husband was abusive.

She was previously awarded $10,000 and ordered to pay half a $3,000 BestBuy bill she ran up after her arrest. But in court documents filed in April, the scheming mom is demanding more access to the 14- and 12-year-old children and claimed poverty while demanding her now ex-husband help her pay her legal bills, The Daily Mail reported.

The Daily Mail noted that she lives with her new boyfriend, widowed auto dealer Shawn Hibdon, in his $755,000 mansion in Orland, California, and drives a brand new Jeep SUV.

Keith Papini wants her to undergo a psychological evaluation before he agrees to allow her more time with the children and opposes visitation without supervision, the DM said.

In the April court documents, Sherri Papini claimed to have an income of $1,000 per month as a consultant and pays half of that out in rent.

Attorneys for both Papinis faced off in court on June 10, at which time the judge ruled the case could go to trial. No date has been set.