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Kerala entertainer Shahana was found dead in her rented house in Parambil Bazar. The scene seemed like she was balancing herself out the window of her house. Nevertheless, her family rushed to police headquarters and objected that it was a puzzling passage.

Kerala Actress Shahana Death Cause Kerala Actress Shahana’s death shocked everyone when she was found hanged. The youthful entertainer was in his mid-twenties and died in an enigmatic circumstance.

The news went live after The Kerala Times covered the incident. She was found dead in her rented house the previous evening. Despite the fact that she appears to have put an end to it, her family guarantees that there is a secret in the death.

All her family and fans were genuinely shaken after hearing the news. The youthful entertainer lived with her other half in their rented house. While her family mourns her passing, the police try to find out exactly what happened.

In this way, the real cause of death could be discovered after the posthumous report. Besides, it would be obvious in the event that she ended it all or was killed and hanged. Her family and fans are currently confident that the police will provide additional details.

Why Is Shahana Husband Sajad Arrested? Did he kill her? Sajad from Kozhikode entertainer Shahana is imprisoned after his other half is found dead in their rented house. Police arrested the resident of Parambil Bazar after the incident. The couple would have been linked eighteen months earlier.

Furthermore, there are no records of the couple’s relationship and what their circumstances were. In any case, they clearly wouldn’t have been happy with this episode. Plus, her better half is blamed for her murder.

The police could have started the investigation earlier. However, no explanation was given to the media about the matter. Her relatives mourn her death and guarantee that it is a puzzling murder.

What’s going on with Shahana? Did she commit suicide? Shahana waved out a window of her rented house and seemed to put an end to it. Although the scene appeared to be a self-destruct, surreptitious murder is depicted in her family.

She lived with her other half, Sajad, who was arrested for doubting her murder. Her family could never have imagined that they would have to see their little girl in such a condition. They are currently being compressed for additional research as her death is a secret.


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