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Seth Kenney recommended Gutierrez Reed for the gunsmith job, the sources told the Los Angeles Times. According to six people who are familiar with the matter, Kenney also supplied the weapons used in ‘Rust’. Two sources said Kenney provided the Colt .45 that Baldwin fired on that day.

Hannah Gutierrez Reed, 24, was not the only gunfighter involved in the ‘Rust’ tragedy, but a second gun expert named Seth Kenney was also on set. Kenney owns a licensed gun and accessories rental business in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. In late September, Kenney was added to the ‘Rust’ team as a ‘gunsmith mentor’ to Gutierrez Reed, he claimed an internal ‘Rust’ crew list shared with the Los Angeles Times. The ‘Rust’ tragedy involved cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, killed after actor Alec Baldwin’s prop gun failed.

Seth Kenney Age

Seth Kenney is 53 years old.

Rust’ shooting investigation

However, it is unclear what role Kenney played as Gutierrez Reed’s ‘mentor’. Several longtime prop masters have claimed that they had never heard of such a position and that employing a ‘gunsmith mentor’ for a film or television production is very rare. According to a long-time gunsmith, supervisory duties are often referred to as a “key gunsmith” or “weapons master.” A more common title, according to another prop master, would be ‘assistant gunsmith’ for the younger person.

Kenney was an entrepreneur in San Clemente more than two decades ago. At the time, Kenney, along with his then wife, was a co-owner of several San Clemente businesses, including a stationery store, Cheers; a gift shop, Summer House; and Del Mar Bicycle Co., which Seth Kenney ran, states a 1996 article in The Times. Kenney has been working in the film industry for at least a decade and was featured as a ‘weapons consultant’ in Shia LaBeouf’s 2015 film ‘Man Down’.

Kenney worked in the Hand Prop Room from 2011 to 2016, where he managed the store’s arsenal of weapons. He also handled prop masters for shows like AMC’s “The Walking Dead” and movies like “Django Unchained.” “He has a lot of knowledge in the field. He is a nice person, very good at educating people who are not so good with guns, ”said a person who was not authorized to speak in public. “He customized the weapons for whatever load you need, which is very accurate, he is one of the few who knows how to do that. He supplied weapons to hundreds of productions when he was working there. ”

Later, however, there were issues between Kenney and the owners of the Hand Prop Room over the alleged misconduct and lack of weapons. After the fight, the Hand Prop Room filed a lawsuit against Kenney in Los Angeles County Superior Court in May 2016. It accused Kenney of taking some of his weapons in an attempt to start a competitive business. He also accused Kenney of trying to divert his clients to his own business.

In January 2016, Kenney had formed his own company called PDQ Media Arm & Prop in Georgia. In its lawsuit, the Hand Prop Room claimed that Kenney was trying to rob one of his longtime clients: the prop master from ‘The Walking Dead’. They accused Kenney of opening his own firm in April 2016 while he was still working with them. However, the case was dropped in 2017 after Hand Prop Room requested it.

Later, Kenney opened PDQ Media Arm & Prop in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. In 2019, he listed a separate prop company called PDQ Arm & Prop, LLC, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, public records revealed. Agency records state that issued by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Kenney’s company has two licenses to deal in firearms. Licenses allow employees to legally transport firearms across state lines. The company can also manufacture most firearms for sale and also import weapons and ammunition. Records reveal that these licenses expire in 2024.

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