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Country music singer Tyler Childers has been married to fellow musician Senora May Lainhart since 2015. They are Kentucky natives and both say that their backgrounds have heavily influenced their musical stylings.

Childers made headlines on September 18 when he dropped a surprise album called “Long Violent History.” The lyrics of the title track are a commentary on systemic racism and injustice. Childers directly addressed his “white rural listeners” in a video message shared on social media. He asked his fans to think about how they would feel if, on a daily basis, the headlines were about rural Americans, such as a father taking his son fishing or a nursing student attending Ashland Community College, being beaten and killed by law enforcement officials:

How would you react to that? What form of upheaval would that create? I venture to say if we were met with this type of daily attack on our own people, we would take action that hasn’t been seen since the Battle of Blair Mountain in West Virginia. And if we wouldn’t stand for it, why would we expect another group of Americans to stand for it? Why would we stand silent while it happened or worse, get in the way of it getting rectified?

As of this writing, May had not directly commented about her husband’s new album on her own social media accounts. But her past posts show she and Childers are in lockstep on important issues.

Senora May Age

Senora May’s age is unclear.


May grew up in Kentucky but her family also has deep roots in South America. Her grandmother immigrated from Colombia and raised May’s mother in southern Florida, May explained to the Herald-Dispatch in 2018. “My Mom was born in Miami but came to Kentucky when she was about 20. Her mom, my grandmother, did not speak English at all as she is from Colombia. I have about 40 cousins in Bogotá and I have been there a couple of times to visit.”

May told the newspaper she wished her mother had taught her to speak Spanish as a child. She recalled that her mother used to sing to her in Spanish, but “she really didn’t imprint much of her culture on us because she kind of left it behind in Florida.” May added that her mother was the more lenient parent and that she encouraged May’s artistic side.

As for her father, May described him as the more conservative parent. She said he worked at an aluminum plant, had his own farm and raised cattle. May’s parents divorced when she was a young child, she told the newspaper.

May and her five siblings were raised to appreciate nature. She explained on her website that she enjoyed hunting and fishing with her four brothers. She wrote that she “felt comforted by the hills” and “calmed by being outside.”



May attended the liberal arts school Berea College after high school, according to her LinkedIn profile. Childers told the Chicago Tribune that he met his future wife while he was working on a farm in Estill County, Kentucky. “I was living out on this farm with a 65-year-old dude and this angel walks in.” Childers said May was earning extra money by cleaning houses while she attended college.

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The couple tied the knot in 2015, according to Childers’ professional bio. Childers explained that the couple lived with his parents temporarily after they got married. They then bought a used camper and intended to build a house. But as Childers wrote, that initial plan didn’t pan out as he worked in a “sawmill and brewery” and played “gigs whenever possible.”

May told the Herald-Dispatch that she and Childers moved to West Virginia while they were still newlyweds and enjoyed taking road trips across the region. According to her LinkedIn profile, May worked for the Greenbrier Valley Economic Development Corporation and was involved in supporting small farms.

As of 2018, May and Childers were back living in rural Kentucky. The Herald-Dispatch reported at the time that the couple lived in an “old homestead with no electricity or city water, meaning she has to haul buckets from the spring to do the dishes or take a bath.” May also had to find higher ground in order to find cell phone reception.


May and Childers launched a relief organization in 2020 to assist rural communities in their home state. They started the Hickman Holler Appalachian Relief Fund, which is part of the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.

According to the site, May and Childers vowed to “bring awareness and financial support for philanthropic efforts in the Appalachian Region.” When Childers unveiled the surprise album “Long Violent History,” he announced that 100 percent of the proceeds from the album would go straight to the relief fund.


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