Security video shows Border Patrol agent slamming migrant to the ground near Texas El Paso shelter

As authorities struggle to deal with the growing migrant population in El Paso, Texas, a shocking video has led to an investigation into the officers’ conduct. The video, which shows a Border Patrol agent slamming a migrant to the ground near the border state, made its way online and left people stunned.

The incident occurred outside an opportunity center that houses new immigrants located at 201 E. 9th Avenue on Friday, January 6, 2023. It involved a border patrol agent who pushed a man into a building before grabbing the migrant. and throw it to the ground.

The horrifying incident was captured on surveillance camera and posted by the shelter. It shows the border patrol agent handcuffing the migrant who was forced to the ground.

Authorities have not yet announced what caused the officer to use excessive force against the migrant at the reception center.

Officials investigating the incident at a shelter near El Paso, Texas

Authorities said they are reviewing the incident in which an El Paso Border Patrol agent detained a migrant after throwing him to the ground.

In a statement, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said its Office of Professional Responsibility is investigating Border Patrol agents for using “excessive force” against a migrant in El Paso.

They said that while they do not have all the details of the incident, they are taking all the allegations seriously and are fully investigating them. They added that CBP holds its employees accountable “when policies are violated.”

Volunteers at the shelter are concerned about the appalling treatment of the migrant. They said that while this was an isolated incident, they were still concerned about any future recurrence. Ray Tullius, the founder of the Center for Homeless Opportunity, said they are concerned about the well-being of people in custody and people in homeless programs.

A day after the incident, El Paso city police began rounding up migrants sleeping on the streets in front of a Catholic church shelter and the bus station, according to video acquired by NBC News.

According to the outlet, President Biden’s first visit to the Mexican border precipitated a series of arrests. During these arrests, border patrol agents began to reunite migrants who were sleeping outside the shelters with their families. In one of the videos, a man can be heard praying:

“Cover us, Father! In the name of Jesus, sir. They are people, sir, seeking their salvation, sir. They come looking for a better future, sir. We respect the laws, sir… Father, you have the power to protect us”.

Authorities said the arrest came amid growing concerns about migrants evading detention in the El Paso area.