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Is This Sebastian Rogers? Investigators Looking for Boy Seen in Photo from NC Rest Stop

Tennessee investigators are trying to track down a boy in a photograph taken at a rest stop in the North Carolina mountains last weekend to determine if it is 15-year-old Sebastian Rogers, who has been missing since February 26. The photograph has been making the rounds on social media, but it was also handed over to investigators, who told WTVF journalist Nick Beres they’re “working on it.”

Beres said Tennessee investigators have spoken with the woman who took the photograph, which bears a striking resemblance to the missing teen. Rogers, who has autism, left his phone behind when he left his home in Hendersonville more than two months ago.

Beres said in a video shared partially by Court TV that he spoke with a friend of the woman who took the snapshot, and the friend said the woman had been in a hurry to meet with family and didn’t have time to approach the boy to see who he was. Instead, she took the picture and gave it the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, while her friend posted it to social media.

He did not reveal where in North Carolina the photo was taken, except to say it was in the Blue Ridge Mountains of the western part of the state.

Earlier last week, investigators in Sumner County said that a pair of pants found by the Goodlettsville Police Department did not belong to the missing boy, as CrimeOnline reported.