Scar Girl aka Annie Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Height, Net Worth, Fast Facts

Scar Girl aka Annie Wiki, Biography

Scar Girl, also known as Annie, who uses the username @wtmab on TikTok, has a scar on her right cheek. However, many users have claimed that her scar is fake and that she draws on her cheek every day to fool viewers of her. Many users have also complained that the angle of her scar changes every day and she has become thicker than a year ago.

As the debate raged on social media, Scar Girl shared a TikTok video on Wednesday, January 11, 2023 to show everyone that her scar is not drawn.

In the video, Annie cleans the surface of her cheek where the scar is located with a wet washcloth, then traces the same spot with micellar water poured onto a cotton swab. However, people were still not convinced and expressed their doubts once again in the comment section.

Scar Girl Defends Netizen Claims Her Scar Is Fake

Annie has around 576k followers on TikTok. She built her profile based on being a girl with a deep, visible cut on her cheek. However, people soon began to notice how her scar kept changing position, shape, and color, and raised doubts that this was not how she should heal a scar.

These probing questions led many viewers to speculate that Scar Girl has been lying about her facial scar to get views and likes. User @livelaughwhor3 made a comparison video of Annie’s scar from 2021 to present. The video showed how the mark on Scar Girl’s cheek transformed into a dark, pink-pigmented and small one. Somehow, the scar has now turned into a curved line, slightly resembling a single eyebrow.

Another person, @notasbadasutought, shared a similar video showing the evolution of the scar on Scar Girl’s cheek. It showed that at first, the mark started as a thin red line, but progressively thickened and turned brown in color.

However, Annie addressed the theories and insisted that her scar is real. On January 11, she shared a video where she addressed the rumors and tried to show that she wasn’t faking it.

She said that she wakes up every day with many hate comments about her facial scar. Despite the negative reactions, Annie also added that she gets some positive and uplifting messages that keep her going. The TikToker then explained why her scar mark looks different than she did in 2021.

Annie said:

“That is not the same scar. The second was from a topical chemical burn that was on top of that [the first scar].”

She further clarified that her scar had moved because she was still in the healing process. The TikToker stated that her body takes time to heal the scars, unlike some people whose C-sections heal quickly. She reasoned that this was the reason why her scar grew thicker when she should have gotten lighter.

Towards the end of the video, she attempted to prove the legitimacy of her scar and she took a makeup remover tissue to wipe her nose first and showed viewers how she removed makeup from her nose. She then used the same tissue to rub her scar and quickly held the tissue up to the camera for viewers to see that she hadn’t shed anything on it.

However, viewers were still unconvinced and commented on how she used a dry tissue instead of a wet one with some micellar water.

In her most recent TikTok video of hers, Scar Girl wrote a long caption to explain her journey with her scar and how she felt completely insecure about it. She revealed that she was originally injured in March 2020, which left the initial mark on her face.

Annie then shared how she was embarrassed and upset at first, thinking her face was ruined forever. She mentioned that she was only 15 at the time and still in high school.

The TikToker explained how she felt that the opportunity to look in the mirror and smile was taken away from her due to a cruel situation. However, she realized that covering her scar and openly resenting it was unfair to her and those close to her, so she decided not to cover the mark on her cheek.

Scar Girl opened up about how the first topical treatment she tried reacted badly on her scar and made it worse, leading to longer-lasting injury. Annie said she started her second treatment in August after waiting for her blemish to fully heal. Her second treatment has been more invasive and painful around the injury, to the point where her scar now looks gross.

Annie then addressed the claim that her scar turned brown instead of lightening, saying that all her scars turn brown when they heal. Additionally, TikToker claimed that she would not stop using her account to spread body positivity and DV awareness.

At the end of the video, Scar Girl addressed those who suffered from similar insecurities and told them that her DM is open if anyone needs to share her story. She also promised to listen and promote them.