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Saskia Post Wiki – Biography

Saskia Post was an American-born Australian actress. She is best known for her leading role in the 1986 film Dogs in Space. Post also acted in the 1985 film Bliss and the 1991 film Proof, as well as numerous Australian television series

Saskia Post Age

Saskia Post was 59 years old. She was born on January 1, 1961, in Martinez, California, United States.

Early Life and Career

Her Dutch parents moved between America and Japan, before settling in Australia in 1975. At high school she studied acting and singing and after completing high school she spent a year attending acting workshops and dance classes in Sydney. Saskia then commenced a degree course in drama and arts at the University of New South Wales but gave it up after twelve months to attend a full-time course at The Drama Studio in 1981.

Shortly after completing the course she obtained her first television role as Julianna Sleven, a Dutch refugee, in The Sullivans, an Australian drama television series about an average middle-class Melbourne family and the effect World War II had on their lives. Post moved to Melbourne and worked on the series for twelve months before leaving in 1984 to take part in the John Duigan film, One Night Stand, where she played Eva, a Czech-born bank teller.

In 1985, Post appeared in the AFI Award winning film Bliss, as Honey Barbara’s daughter. This was followed in 1986 with a feature role in the Richard Lowenstein film Dogs in Space, a story about a group of young musicians and music fans sharing a house in the inner Melbourne suburb of Richmond. In the film Post played the role of Anna, the girlfriend of Sam (Michael Hutchence).

She also appeared in numerous stage productions in Melbourne and Sydney including Hating Alison Ashley, Salome, Endgrain, Train to Transcience, Could I Have this Dance?, In Angel Gear, Figures in Glass, Skin and Vincent in Brixton. Post also worked as a transpersonal art therapist and educator.

Her role in Dogs In Space was a defining one, the film capturing a slice of Melbourne’s punk scene in the late 1970s. Post starred as Anna, a nurse, and girlfriend of Sam, a fledgling rock star, played by Michael Hutchence. She brings a lightness and a tenderness to his world, trying to keep things together in a rapidly spiralling reality.

Loosely based on one of writer/director Richard Lowenstein’s share houses, the film has a documentary element, capturing the hilarity, chaos, humanity and tragedy of a world that revolved around relationships, partying, rock’n’roll and heroin.

Although not universally acclaimed on its release, Dogs In Space has gained cult status for capturing so brilliantly the mayhem of that time; Hutchence and Post were pinups for many growing up in the 1980s and `90s.

“Almost as much as Michael, she personified the film,” says Richard Lowenstein. “She was quite amazing on that front, luminous in that role.”

Casting Anna was difficult, he says, in part because she was based on a real person; he also wanted an actor who knew the world the film depicted. “Having Ken Loach amibitions in my early life, I wasted a lot of time looking for people in the post-punk subculture.”

Ultimately, there was no question Post was the one for the role, he says; her effect on camera was clear. “Does the camera like this person, not because they’re pretty or handsome, but because there’s an intelligence that comes out on camera, there’s a humanity you can see in the eyes.”

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The chemistry apparent between Hutchence and Post was undeniable, Lowenstein says. “She has a strength and a screen presence. There’s a lot of talking and no one’s listening [in the film]… the emotional and inner acting rather than how you say your lines, with Saskia it was fantastic. She was not only a great actress but she really lit up the cinema screen. It’s a great shame that Australian cinema didn’t have more roles for her.”

Her acting work post Dogs was sporadic: she had parts in the movies Bliss, the 1985 film based on Peter Carey’s novel, and in 1991 as a waitress in Proof. In one memorable scene in the latter, Hugo Weaving’s character deliberately spills a glass of red wine on the table to get her attention.

Post also appeared on stage in Melbourne and Sydney, playing the lead role in Oscar Wilde’s Salome, inVincent in Brixton at Red Stitch, and in Rhondda Johnson’s Skin, controversially staged in a Melbourne CBD brothel in 1995.

Cause of Death

The 59-year-old died at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, Australia where she was being treated for a congenial heart issue.

It was reported that she passed away on Monday following complications to do with a congenital heart issue, according to numerous sources. She sadly passed away following complications from her heart condition.

Before her death the former actress was working at a primary school in Victoria.

Net Worth

The main source of income: Actors
Total Net Worth at the moment 2020 year – is about $15,2 Million.

Height, Weight

How tall is Saskia Post – 1,63m.
How much weight is Saskia Post – 58kg


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