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Sammy Teusch – Parents of Bullied Boy Now Face Online Bullying After 10-Year-Old’s Death


The parents of a 10-year-old Indiana boy who took his life earlier this month are now the targets of bullying themselves, the child’s father said during Monday’s “Crime Stories” episode.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Sammy Teusch’s family said he was bullied up until the night he died on May 5. His father said students at Greenfield Intermediate School in Greenfield first teased his son about things like his glasses before it escalated to violence.

Teachers contacted the parents after Sammy, in fear, started hiding in school closets.

Sammy’s father, Sam Teusch, said they contacted the school 20 times about the bullying. although Greenfield-Central Schools superintendent Dr. Harold Olin told WPTA that no reports were ever made.

The bullying continues, but this time, according to Teusch, it’s his family now facing an onslaught of harassment.

“The one we got yesterday said, ‘Well the kid did need braces, you should have taken him and got braces,’ and the… you know, the fact of the matter is he still has baby teeth,” Treusch told “Crime Stories” host, Nancy Grace.

“I told Sammy you got adult teeth coming in your little head and here pretty soon your head’s gonna equal out and everything’s.. everything’s gonna be in place where it needs to be.”


While Teusch admitted that he’s still angry about what happened to his son, he’s more concerned about promoting healing and education, as opposed to revenge. He is asking people to sign a petition urging Congress to pass legislation to curb bullying nationwide,

Licensed New York-based psychologist Caryn Stark added that with the alarming rates of juvenile suicides, there needs to be a way to better assist children in protecting themselves against bullies, whether in-person or online.

“Children who are cyberbullied are four times more likely to commit suicide that it is that rampant and awful and a problem that’s happening right now,” Stark said. “All these kids, all of them feel like they have no way to fight back. They’re going to be in trouble if they do something.”

“You have to be able to protect yourself. And if you feel like there is no way you’re gonna protect yourself… and like I don’t even know how Sammy would know anything about any of this.

Meanwhile, Over 100 people gathered at Depot Street Park on Saturday night, with signs reading “Justice for Sammy” and “Transparency in Our Schools” displayed at the event.

“I am not gonna rest until there are charges against these bullies because until charges are brought, bullies and the pain and the pain caused is all gonna be swept under the rug, and children like Sammy will continue to suffer,” Grace added.

If you or anyone you know is contemplating suicide, contact the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988. Help is available at any time.