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Sam Carmona Wiki, Biography

The Circle season 5 finale dropped on Netflix on January 18. It featured 34-year-old makeup artist Sam Carmona who won the $100,000 grand prize, while his playmate Chaz Lawery came in second. After being declared the winner, Carmona broke down and said that he would use the money to better care for his mother and grandmother.

Carmona said his grandmother has asthma and lives on the 14th floor. Every time his elevator breaks, he has to postpone plans and wait until he gets it fixed. The game show winner plans to move her family to better accommodation with better accessibility.

Carmona said her mother’s unwavering faith in winning season 5 of The Circle was fueled throughout the entire journey. The story of resolve and victory moved other cast members, who cheered in support of the winner.

Raven Sutton placed third, while Tamira (Tasia Lesley in real life) placed fourth. Jennifer, played by Xanthi and Brett, surprised everyone by placing fifth.

More details on The Circle winner Sam Carmona

Carmona revealed that she felt blessed to win season 5 of The Circle and that it would take her some time to process the news. He was also very happy to see her playmate and know that she was real.

At the start of the final, Carmona was nervous about being blocked on the last day, saying that others tried to block her on the first day. This led her to devise a better strategy to reach the end. She was hiding in the kitchen cabinets when it was announced that secret super-influencer Chaz would be blocking a contestant. But she was relieved to discover that it wasn’t her.

Carmona did not stop making realistic jokes and announced in the group chat that she would shave her legs before meeting others. She voted for Chaz to be the winner and made sure she looked good before leaving the room.

She also welcomed the news of Chaz’s real-life engagement. Carmona even laughed when it was revealed that she had a ring made in her bedroom.

What did Sam say about her game in The Circle?

Carmona wholeheartedly greeted all the players and said that she adored them all. She also said that she played the game in good conscience and that she did not vote for anyone out of malice. Carmona initially thought that Chaz would win the game and said that she would like to stay together outside of the game.

Chaz helped Sam realize that he deserved to win the game even though he had been voted “influencer” four times. Sam won in the ranking only once in episode 10.

Who is Sam Carmona?

Freelance makeup artist Sam Carmona is from Brooklyn and is popular for making TikTok videos. He currently lives in New York and has over 79k followers on Instagram.

All episodes of The Circle Season 5 are now available on Netflix.