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Ryker Wiki, Biography, Age, Spouse, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Fast Facts

Ryker is a web-based entertainment creator. She has gained a lot of fans lately, as have countless other TikTok customers. According to her portrayal, Ryker is known for her innovative comedic acts and stimulating introductions. She’s also circulating recordings of her viral moving moves and lip syncing.

Ryker is a notable Internet-based character from Canada. She lives in Jane St. Downsview in Ontario. @Ryker.inthe.6ix is ​​​​an ideal handle for her TikTok account. 337.1 thousand people follow her on stage in total. Besides, 9.1 million people have enjoyed every bit of her material.

In August 2019, a video of Ryker was widely shared across web-based entertainment and received more than 5,000 likes. Along with her mother, Ryker had transferred the video to her record.

Meaning of: Ryker’s Reddit Drama A Reddit series claims that Ryker is a creator who highlights the more notable individuals of the LGBTQ+ population. Their Ryker Tiktok video has since disappeared from the internet. She may be illegal.

Ryker and Casey were engaged in a show watched on Reddit a month earlier. The moment Casey exploded over Ryker, the big twist started.

In this way, a Reddit series suspects that Ryker could have been the target of a Fentanyl death attempt. Ryker’s girl is said to have opened a box of fentanyl that was brought to their home.

Ryker’s age and real name have been revealed Ryker is somewhere between 30 and 35 years old. Since she expressed “Est 1982” in her Instagram bio, we can assume that this is the year she was born; All things considered, she will turn 40 in 2022.

However, her date of birth details have not been revealed. Ryker’s real name is Ryker Person. She has admitted on her virtual entertainment that she was born a lady. She announces that she is gay on her Instagram profile.

Ryker posted pictures of herself before making any progress in one of her Tiktok posts. How hard is it to go from straight to gay, she asked in the caption of the photo.


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