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Rose McGowan appeared alongside California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder at a news conference on Sunday, two days before the state’s recall election. McGowan, a leading figure in the #MeToo movement, accused the wife of Elder’s opponent, Governor Gavin Newsom, of trying to silence her about film producer Harvey Weinstein, The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel reported.

In a statement provided to Insider, a spokesperson for Jennifer Siebel Newsom said McGowan’s claim was “total fabrication.”

“It is disappointing, but not surprising, to see political opponents launch these hoax attacks just days before the election. Their limited correspondence has been strict as fellow sexual assault survivors and in Jennifer’s former capacity as leader of the Representation Project, a organization that fights against the limitation of gender stereotypes and norms, “the statement said.

Rose McGowan Age

Rose McGowan is 48 years old.

Rose McGowan Slams Dems at Larry Elder Campaign Event

At a news conference in Los Angeles on Sunday, political activist and actress Rose McGowan endorsed Larry Elder, Gavin Newsom’s top Republican challenger in the California governor recall election.

McGowan began by announcing that she no longer considered herself a Democrat because anyone who has “harassed, stalked and robbed” her in Hollywood has allegedly been a Democrat. After expressing her displeasure at the party, McGowan spoke about the issue she had been invited by Elder’s campaign to invite: allegations that Governor Newsom’s wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, tried to bribe her in an attempt to silence her assault allegations. sex in 2017 against disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey. Weinstein.

In a YouTube interview last week, McGowan said Newsom’s wife had called her and asked “what would it take to make her happy.” McGowan added at Sunday’s press conference that Jennifer Siebel Newsom “inferred that she was a Weinstein rape victim to join this private group of Weinstein rape victims.”

McGowan continued to criticize Democrats, strangely mentioning former President Obama’s daughter’s internship at Weinstein Company. “They’re all on it,” she said. “Do I agree with him on all issues? No. So what? McGowan said about Elder’s policies.” He’s the best candidate. He’s the best man. ”

When Elder spoke, he briefly touched on the allegations against Newsom’s wife but directed most of his attention to the alleged unfair media coverage and the reasons America is no longer racist. Elder also criticized the media for insufficiently covering the gorilla-masked woman who attacked him with an egg in Venice, saying that if she were a Democrat, the media would be “talking about it in Bangladesh” and investigating the incident as a hate crime.

McGowan added at Sunday’s press conference that Jennifer Siebel Newsom “inferred that she was a Weinstein rape victim to join this private group of Weinstein rape victims.” McGowan also reportedly mentioned former President Barack Obama’s daughter’s internship at Weinstein Company. “They’re all in on this,” she said. McGowan said of Elder’s policies: “Do I agree with him on all issues? No and what? He is the best candidate. He is the best man. ”

Siebel Newsom’s office described the allegations as “total fabrication.” Speaking to The Associated Press, Newsom characterized McGowan’s claims as a “classic late-breaking hit” from one of Elder’s supporters. The governor called Elder desperate and greedy, saying McGowan’s claims about his wife “just show you how low things are going in the campaigns these days.”

He criticized the conservative lawyer and talk show host saying that Elder “does not believe that women are entitled to their own reproductive freedoms, he is devotedly opposed to Roe v. Wade, he doesn’t believe there is a glass ceiling, he doesn’t believe in pay equity laws. ”

“How can rose McGowan claim to stand up for sexual assault victims and then back up larry elder, a man who implied that a woman who accused him of sexual harassment is too ugly for him to harass her?” asked a Twitter user. Another person wrote: “Rose McGowan was outraged at President Obama because he did not personally thank her for taking down Harvey Weinstein, but she is quite okay with backing Larry Elder, who was accused of assaulting two ex-girlfriends.”

One person tweeted: “I’m not at all surprised to see Rose McGowan supporting the misogynistic insurrection-loving white supremacist activist Larry Elder because she from the beginning she has been an undercover MAGA lunatic. True colors are shown. What a disgrace. “Another tweet read:” Rose McGowan just endorsed Larry Elder for governor of California. Rose claimed to be the ‘leader’ of the #MeToo movement, but now supports a misogynistic Trump clone who currently has 2 counts of assault. sexual against him. Rose McGowan is disgusting. Shame on her, Rose. ”

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