Who is Robin Pringle? Wiki, Biography, Age, John Hickenlooper’s Wife, Children, Instagram, Net Worth

Robin Pringle Wiki – Robin Pringle Biography

Robin Pringle is the wife of John Wright Hickenlooper Jr., an American politician, businessman, and geologist who was mayor of Denver from 2003 until 2011 and governor of Colorado from 2011 to 2019. . He is projected to win the senate seat after winning the Democratic nomination to challenge one-term incumbent Republican Cory Gardner for United States Senate in 2020.

Robin Pringle was born in California and educated at Duke University and Northwestern University. She holds a Bachelors Degree in public policy and received her MBA from the Kellogg School of Management.

She is the Vice President at Liberty Media where she oversees corporate development at Liberty Media, which owns QVC, Charter Communications, SiriusXM, the Atlanta Braves, Provide Commerce, and Barnes and Noble, Pringle maintains the company’s investment portfolio and looks for new investments in media, tech, and e-commerce. She is also on the Board of Directors at SiriusXM.

Robin Pringle Age

Robin is more than 20 years younger than her husband at age 48 as of 2020. Pringle, who is a self-described old soul, explained to the Denver Post, “I think anybody who actually knows me thinks I’m older than he is, so it doesn’t actually phase most people once they spend an hour with us…”

Robin Pringle & John Hickenlooper

Robin and Hickenlooper married during his term as Governor of Colorado in 2016 and she was the first lady of the state until he was succeeded by Jared Polis in January 2019.

Hickenlooper and Pringle’s relationship makes even more sense given his experience of having an incredibly strong female role model in his mother. In 2016 he told Town and Country that his mother’s creativity was a defining factor of his childhood. “She was always resourceful,” he explained while telling of how she helped him overcome bullying by making him stay accountable for his own behavior.

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Robin Pringle Political Affiliation

Despite growing up in the outskirts of San Francisco, a hotbed for liberals, Pringle was at one point a registered Republican. She has reportedly made contributions to the campaigns of Republicans and Democrats, including republican state treasurer Walker Stapleton, as well as democratic senator Michael Bennet—and Hillary Clinton. She is currently a registered Independent.


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