Who was Rita Pangalangan? Mother convicted of murdering disabled daughter, Cristina Pangalangan

Rita Pangalangan, a previous Educator of the Year, was sentenced in an unfortunate case including the demise of her handicapped girl, Cristina. Cristina died of heatstroke subsequent to being left in a vehicle for quite a long time. The preliminary uncovered claims of disregard, bringing about Rita’s homicide conviction

Rita Pangalangan confronted allegations of disregard and murder in a preliminary that started on August 29. The case rotated around the demise of her kid handicapped little girl, Cristina Pangalangan, who lost her life to heatstroke on August 5, 2019, in the wake of being left inside a stopped Volkswagen for a horrifying five hours and 41 minutes.

Who was Rita Pangalangan?

Rita Pangalangan was a lady who wound up at the focal point of a sad and tragic case. She was the mother of Cristina Pangalangan, an incapacitated 13-year-old young lady whose troublesome passing prompted a homicide preliminary that earned huge consideration.

Rita Pangalangan had an imperative profession as a teacher in Colleton Province, where she procured honors, remembering Educator of the Year acknowledgment for two events. Notwithstanding, her life took an overwhelming turn when she was blamed for ignoring her little girl, Cristina, who experienced cerebral paralysis. This disregard at last brought about a conviction for the homicide of her own youngster.

The arraignment claimed that Rita Pangalangan and her then-beau, Larry Eugene Ruler Jr., purposely positioned Cristina in the vehicle’s secondary lounge while they were affected by methamphetamine. Cristina, who experienced cerebral paralysis, couldn’t impart or look for help. Her awful condition delivered her defenseless, unfit to open the vehicle entryway or shout out for help.

During the preliminary, declarations from witnesses illustrated Rita Pangalangan’s nurturing decisions. Lindsay Lewis, a 18-year-old hopeful attendant and one of Pangalangan’s understudies, affirmed about an occurrence where she was endowed with really focusing on Cristina. Amazingly, Pangalangan left her little girl with Lewis for a whole end of the week, asserting she was helping Ruler in his recuperation from food contamination. This drawn out nonattendance abandoned the 18-year-old understudy with Cristina, raising serious worries about the mother’s needs.

Brittney Honeycutt, who had leased a room in the Pangalangan family throughout the mid year of 2019, related her encounters of looking after Cristina at the mother’s solicitation. Honeycutt even uncovered that she had been told to leave Cristina in her vehicle with the windows down while she went to work, proposing an example of disregard.

Examiner Duffie Stone illustrated Rita Pangalangan as an egotistical mother who ignored her girl’s exceptional requirements. He contended that Cristina’s lamentable demise came about because of the respondents regarding her as a weight as opposed to a dearest youngster. To get murder convictions, Stone expected to demonstrate that Pangalangan and Lord planned to hurt Cristina or showed crazy lack of concern to human existence, prompting her unfavorable downfall.

Safeguard lawyer Dayne Phillips, addressing Rita Pangalangan, recognized the misfortune however contended against a homicide conviction. He perceived botches had been made however demanded that the litigants didn’t expect to kill Cristina. Phillips underlined that while there were ramifications, this was not a homicide case.

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