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Rita Fox, a 20-year-old Russian adult cheerleader, has claimed that she was detained for two weeks for showing her bare buttocks near the Kremlin. Fox claimed she was punished for “petty hooliganism” after social media criticized her for images posted online. The photographs were taken in front of the famous Moscow monument.

“Now I am incarcerated for 14 days,” the porn star told her Telegram followers. “They have punished me for minor vandalism, according to my sentence.” However, the Russian Interior Ministry has not yet confirmed her arrest.

Rita Fox Age

Rita Fox is 20 years old.

Rita Fox Charged – Arrested

Social media users took to Twitter to criticize Rita Fox for her photos. “Russian porn star Rita Fox was sentenced to 14 days in prison for” disorderly conduct “after posting a series of naked butt photos in front of the Kremlin. Fox, whose real name is Ksenia #Damova, reports her vulgar deeds in social networks. A genius! “wrote one user. “LOL! You can steal billions of $$ from the Russian treasury and you will not alter the beliefs of the believers … but showing your weapons in the Kremlin will land you in jail!” Porn actress Rita Fox arrested for 14 days for a photo with naked buttocks in front of the Kremlin, “wrote another.

“The Russian judge gives sick girls family relief from her fantasy game. Knowing that she is intoxicated probably won’t hit her. When she wakes up, she will be taken away from God, Spiritual failure. Sad for her, Children she could have had with a good man failed, “wrote one user,” while another wrote, “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes …”.

Recently, social media was outraged after an influential person was filmed posing at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. The clip has garnered millions of views on TikTok since it was posted. The incident reportedly left a viewer “horrified beyond words”.

A TikTok account called ‘Influencers in the Wild’, which shares clips of influencers posing in public places posted the video on social media platforms such as TikTok and Twitter. In the clip, a woman in a black sports bra and leggings can be seen sitting on one of the concrete slabs and posing for photographs with a photographer apparently present before her. Then the photographer gives the woman some instructions and she leans back with her hands. She can be seen shaking her head to make sure the wind doesn’t ruin her hair. While this was happening, a bystander filmed the incident. Expressing her disgust at what was happening, a woman can be heard saying, “I am horrified beyond words.”

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