Who is Rishi Rambaran & Kelly Walker? Wiki, Bio, Age, See Arizona Principal Zip Ties Video

Rishi Rambaran & Kelly Walker Wiki – Rishi Rambaran & Kelly Walker Biography

Rishi Rambaran is a Tucson, Arizona, Father accused of being with a group of men who confronted an elementary school principal over a dispute over COVID-19 in a heated incident in which his friend allegedly brought bridles. Kelly Walker, owner of the Viva Coffee House in Tucson, posted Instagram videos related to the encounter. You can watch the videos later in this article.

The Named Daily Beast Rambaran, 40, as the only man arrested in the incident, citing local police.

“I can tell you that the end result of that incident was that we made an arrest for trespassing,” said Sgt. Richard Gradillas of the Tucson, Arizona Police Department told The Daily Beast, adding that Rambaran was with two other men, one identified as Walker and the other whose identity is unknown.

Walker’s cafeteria has published several posts in defense of men, but the manager has described feeling scared.

“Local Tucson MSM are a joke. They posted salacious stories without even talking to the father who stood his ground, ”read a post on the cafeteria’s Facebook page. “He did what a parent should do when school administrators abuse their child.” Referring to Rambaran, aka Reese, another post says: “Reese is a hero and a manly father. We need more dads like him. ”

The Daily Beast called Walker a “local marketing strategist and copywriter” whose coffee shop has hosted prominent conservatives like Dinesh D’Souza.

Here’s a screenshot of the zip ties from one of Walker’s Instagram videos:

Men are accused of contemplating the arrest of a citizen

According to KOVA-TV, Rambaran “threatened a Vail Unified School District elementary principal with the arrest of a citizen” due to the school’s quarantine policy.

A video shows Walker as he and the third man walk to school. “Here we go to Mesquite to confront the individual for violating multiple state laws, causing major disturbances to a family,” he says in the video.

“We are going to confront them, we will tell them that they are breaking the law. If they don’t comply with the law, we will call the bailiff and ask them to arrest them. If necessary, we will make a citizen arrest. Because these people who are supposed to be public servants can’t just take the law into their own hands and think they can override parental rights. ”His friend didn’t want to show his face on camera, but Walker showed him to the camera a handful of what he described as “bridles to enforce the law.”

He added: “Let’s just talk first. Our public officials must know that we are serious. ”

In another video posted on the Viva Coffee House Instagram page, Rambaran said: “My son just informed us that when he was taken out of class and taken to the nursing station, he was forced to wear a mask …” He said that a school official made the children wear masks that were in a dirty trash can. He said he wanted to request “that they arrest them … This has gone too far.”

In another video, Walker is seen driving. “Enough is enough,” he says on Instagram. In the video, he said a friend told him that his son was told to go to the office to be quarantined. “They put a mask on his face; she wouldn’t let him call his parents. Now his dad is there with some others. The school is blatantly breaking the law. ”He called it scare and intimidation tactics.

A post on the Viva Coffee Shop page says: “When school administrators perpetrate this type of coercion and intimidation, in violation of the law, arresting citizens is an option worth considering. If it is legal, parents have the right to consider it. No one threatened to arrest these administrators, but the father asked the police to do so. The truth will come out, but don’t expect anything more than ‘average.’

According to Kold.comAnother video, on Facebook Live, showed the men entering the principal’s office, but it appears to have been deleted. The Daily Beast described it this way: “Once inside Vargo’s office, the principal listened patiently as Rambaran and Walker tried to intimidate her into reversing the quarantine order… Rambaran can be seen calling the police and asking them to arrest him. Vargo. If Rambaran’s son was not allowed to return to the classroom immediately, the group said they were prepared to carry out a citizen’s arrest. ”

The principal said one of the men was wearing “large black zippered military ties,” leaving her “scared.”

The unidentified man was the one holding the bridles when the men arrived at the principal’s office. according to Vice.

The director, Diane Vargo, gave a video interview to KOVA. “Yesterday we were informed of a positive case,” he said. “We contacted parents who needed to pick up their children who needed to be isolated. One of the parents was very upset. We take you to my office and listen to your concerns. But he demanded. And he didn’t want to follow the county health department guidelines. His son was with him. ”

She explained that she “tried to explain that this was protocol, that we were just trying to follow the Health Department. He said that more people would come. I had a video on my face, and two other men broke into my office, and one of them was wearing bridle, big black military bridle and was standing at my door. The three alleged that we broke the law by putting the children in isolation, so there were two men who had telephones that recorded us and threatened to arrest us.

He said that he “asked them to leave campus and they would not. They demanded that their son stay in school. I left my office but stayed close, because I wanted to make sure they were contained. My number one priority is the safety of my students and staff ”.

Vargo then contacted the Tucson police.

“I felt violated because they were in my office claiming that I was breaking the law and that they were going to arrest me and these military grade bridles. Two of the men were not parents in our school, so I felt threatened, ”she said in the television interview. “I felt scared. The father was being loud and aggressive. He was doing everything he could to reduce the situation.”

 Walker’s Coffee House Facebook page is full of anti-mask rhetoric and calls people ‘Tiny Tyrants’

Facebook page for Walker’s coffee shop it says: “Viva Coffee House was founded by a family obsessed with good coffee and loving the connection that a local coffee shop brings to a community.” It’s full of anti-mask rhetoric.

A post on the page addresses the incident. “These petty tyrants, who are supposed to be serving us, continue ‘a long series of abuses and usurpations’ under ‘a design to reduce’ citizens ‘under absolute despotism’; ergo, ‘it is your right, it is your DUTY to get rid of that government and provide new guards for your future security,’ ”the message reads.

“Wearing bridles and asking the police if we can make an arrest of citizens is slight compared to our duty to ‘get rid of them.’ (No one was ‘threatened’). If the Founders were alive today, the idiots would have called them ‘τεrrοrιsτs’; We call them true Americans, who protect their children, safety, happiness and freedom. We have already told these seditious usurpers that they had lost our consent to rule. #WeStandWithReese #VivaFreedom. “Reese is a name used by Rambaran, according to the Daily Beast. The post contains a screenshot of the Declaration of Independence.

A post on the cafeteria page announced the plan, saying on September 2, 2021: “Apparently Mesquite Elementary believes they can break the law and act like the popular Gestapo. We will head there shortly to disagree. Join us because we won’t have this in OUR community! ”

The publication shared this statement, “So my son is being sent home because he was ‘exposed’ to someone with COVID. Only some students will be sent home and not the entire class. They refuse to say who the person they were exposed to was. Now half his class is going on a field trip and the other half is not. They have not provided a return date. I’m going there now to set up hell. Prepare for him to go to jail. ”

Rambaran was involved with a company called LKG Entertainment.

In April, Walker was part of a group that broke into a meeting and tried to elect its own school board.

Tucson.com described an April 2021 school board meeting that Walker attended.

The crowd “stormed a school board meeting, then pretended to elect an entirely new board, convincing many residents on social media that it really had happened,” the newspaper reported.

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The roughly 200 people at the Vail School Board meeting wanted a mask mandate rescinded, according to Tucson.com, which noted that Walker used his cafeteria’s Facebook page to encourage people to attend that protest. The article notes that her children are home schooled.

The cafe was previously temporarily closed because it was accused of not following COVID regulations, such as those involving masks and a lack of posters about things like social distancing, according to Tucson Weekly, which says Walker runs the cafeteria with his wife Andrea and their parents. Tucson Weekly also reported that people who expressed concern about the cafeteria’s approach to masks and the use of Pepe the Frog, a symbol associated with the alt-right, faced online harassment.

Superintendent says, ‘It’s an interruption … it’s not the way to solve problems’

Superintendent of Schools John Carruth he told Kold.com, “We work very hard to try to resolve parental concerns and these have been absolutely difficult and challenging 18 months and I understand when people get frustrated and understand when sometimes we cannot come up with a solution that is enjoyable for everyone. But there are ways to solve this that doesn’t involve this and that just have no place on school campus at all. ”

He added: “It’s an interruption. I acknowledge that we acknowledge that and we all wish it was different, but taking that concern to a higher level where staff is threatened is just not okay and not the way to solve problems and I certainly hope that we return to a place where we can solve difficult problems. together “.


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