Reagan Hack Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Height, Net Worth, Fast Facts

Reagan Hack Wiki, Biography

Southern Hospitality Season 1 Episode 6 featured the arrival of a new cast member, Reagan Hack. Her presence did not make her co-stars happy, as they had a history.

In episode 6, Leva Bonaparte welcomed Reagan to her nightclub, the Republic Garden & Lounge, and mentioned to her staff that the rookie would be joining the team. While Southern Hospitality fans might have seen Reagan for the first time, she was a familiar face to the cast members.

Will Kulp used to get out of it with Reagan and the latter cheated on her. Maddi Reese stated that Reagan had a tendency to cheat on her rich boyfriend, Reece. She further mentioned that Bradley Carter was one of the guys from Charleston that Reagan hooked up with while Reece was away on work.

Reagan Hack Joins Republic as VIP Sales

The Southern Hospitality cast mentioned in their respective confessionals that Reagan used to work at Republic before. She left her job to travel the world with her boyfriend, Reece William. She has now returned to her job as VIP Sales.

According to Reagan’s LinkedIn profile, she has been a part of more part-time jobs than full-time. She worked part-time at a steakhouse in Greenville for a year. She then interned in the South Carolina House of Representatives as a campaign assistant.

The new Bravo star had another part-time job at Charleston Medical Spa as Customer Sales Manager. During this time, Reagan also earned a bachelor’s degree from her at the University of Charleston.

After graduating, she became a model at Ursula Wiedmann for over three years. She at the same time she joined Republic Garden & Lounge and started working for Cam. Her LinkedIn profile does not mention the break she took from her job to travel.

Reagan also works remotely for Palmetto Publishing as a marketing copywriter. The southern belle mentioned in her bio that she is looking for PR and writing jobs.

In her personal life, she is dating wealthy Charleston businessman Reece William, also known as Reece Kimsey.

She meets Reagan’s boyfriend, Reece

Reece is the Director/Head of Site Acquisitions at Middleburg Communities in Charleston. He also works as a managing director at Wayah Wake Real Estate Advisors.

According to Reece’s LinkedIn profile, she has worked in the real estate industry and in the legal market. In Southern Hospitality Season 1 Episode 6, she described him to her as a possessive, rich boyfriend who might not appreciate Reagan working at Republic.

Bradley, who connected with Reece, confessed that she was afraid of him since she has contacts all over South Carolina. Reece has kept her Instagram private and has little chance of her appearing at Southern Hospitality.

Why did the discussion about Reagan’s relationship turn into a fight in episode 6 of Southern Hospitality?

Reagan’s arrival did not make many of the staff happy. While Grace Lily, Bradley Carter, and Mia Alario were ecstatic about Reagan’s return, the remaining cast members were upset with Leva Bonaparte’s decision.

Maddi claimed that Reagan used to spread rumors and lies, and claimed that she cheated on her boyfriend with Bradley. In episode 6, things escalated when Reagan didn’t invite Maddi, Will Kulp, and Emmy Sharrett to her birthday party.

After the party, the group was joined by those who weren’t invited, leading to a huge fight. Maddi and Will continued to cast shade on Bradley and Reagan’s past connection, while Bradley threw Emmy under the bus over her peanut butter secret with Maddie’s boyfriend Trevor.

The episode ended with a dispute between the co-stars. Only time will tell if they will be friends again. Viewers can tune in to Bravo every Monday for a new episode of Southern Hospitality Season 1 at 9:00 p.m. m, eastern time.