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Rainey Street Ripper Strikes Again?

In 1960, Lady Bird Lake was built by the city of Austin. The river-like reservoir was created as a cooling pond for Austin’s then-new city power plant. The 416-acre lake is now primarily used for recreation, but many in the area are now concerned that it could be the hunting ground for a killer. There have been multiple deaths reported since 2022. Two more were reported in the past days.

Even though police have given no indication there are signs of foul play, social media has lit up with speculation.

According to the San Antonio Current, rumors of a serial killer hunting young men and dumping their bodies in Lady Bird Lake ran rampant last April. That’s when Police recovered the bodies of Jason John, Clifton Axtell, Jonathon Honey, and Christopher Hays-Clark — all between the ages of 20 and 40 and all recovered from Lady Bird Lake.

Reegan Aparicio says she has no doubts that her longtime boyfriend Chris Hays-Clark was placed in Lady Bird Lake. The dental nurse says despite police assurances that there was no foul play in Hays-Clark’s death, she believes he was already dead when he went into the water.

Despite family concerns, Austin Police Chief Joseph Chacon says, “Nothing has come to light that would indicate that there is a serial killer in Austin.”