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Police Misconduct or Wrongful Accusation? The Karen Read Case

Nancy Grace and Sheryl McCollum debate the controversial Karen Read case in today’s CRU. They examine the evidence, question the credibility of witnesses, and discuss the potential outcomes of the trial. Nancy and Sheryl highlight the procedural failures of the investigation, the intense public opinion, and the emotional toll on all parties involved.

Ultimately, Nancy and Sheryl leave the audience with potential outcomes of the trial. Did Karen murder John O’Keefe? Is this a police cover-up?

ancy Grace is an outspoken, tireless advocate for victims’ rights and one of television’s most respected legal analysts. Nancy Grace had a perfect conviction record during her decade as a prosecutor. She is the founder and publisher of, a crime- fighting digital platform that investigates breaking crime news, spreads awareness of missing people and shines a light on cold cases.

In addition, Crime Stories with Nancy Grace, a daily show hosted by Grace, airs on SIRIUS XM’s Triumph Channel 111 and is downloadable as a podcast on all audio platforms.