Paulding County school bus driver suspended after feud with parent and not allowing children to exit vehicle

A video is floating around social media where a Paulding County school bus driver runs and flees the bus stop without turning children over to their parents. Videos from the Paulding County school bus driver show the children climbing out of the window at the intersection. It is said to have taken place when the bus driver refused to release the students to the parents without identity documents.

All this led to a verbal dispute between the parents. The driver then began to misbehave and the father slapped him. The enraged driver immediately ran to her seat and fled the bus.

Later, in some videos, parents can be seen pulling their children out of the windows and back door of the bus.

The incident reportedly occurred on January 18, 2023 and the driver has since been suspended. At the same time, the Paulding County School District is investigating further. The incident occurred at the intersection of Old Harris Road and Jimmy Campbell Parkway in Georgia.

Paulding County School Students Scream, Bags Drop, Parents Pull Kids Out Back Door: Viral Creates Social Media Stir

The videos shared on social media angered netizens with many questioning the safety of the students as they can be seen screaming with their heads outside the window after the bus driver denied handing them over to their parents.

Additionally, the Paulding County School claimed that the replacement driver was filling in because the regular driver had called in sick.

The school also reported:

“Backup ensued and the situation soon escalated as parents waited at the bus stop for their students.”

Also, the school mentioned that students were supposed to have a bus stop tag on their backpacks, but some didn’t, so the driver wouldn’t let them get off the bus. Dana Toole, a mother from Paulding County, had two children on the bus and said:

“That all happened right when I got my kids off the bus. The parents were really reckless and irresponsible at the time. I think things should have been handled much differently than they were. I don’t know why or how it even got to that point.” point. It shouldn’t have even gotten to that point.”

In addition, according to Alive magazine, the police officers also spoke with Jaco Swanepoel, who works on the street where the drama occurred. jaco said:

“All the policemen started showing up, the women were filming and the children were jumping out of the window. He is always busy at that intersection. We’ve seen a couple of accidents here. People stop facing each other, and sometimes pedestrians cross paths. I just hoped no one got hit or anything.

However, the police also talked about filing charges against the father who slapped the driver. Paulding School students made it home safely and there were no injuries due to the drama.