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Entertainer Amanda Bynes has blamed her life partner, Paul Michael, for using drugs and destroying his mother’s house. There’s more going on behind the scenes here.

Paul Michael is a remarkable American accomplice with a big name. He came into the limelight in the wake of dating and being locked up with impeccable entertainer, Amanda Bynes.

Michael and Amanda take to the internet because of their new fight. Bynes guaranteed that she had observed a supply of cocaine from Paul and he claimed that she was taking his ADHD drug Adderall.

Paul and Bynes started finger-pointing after Michael called the police to their loft on April 28, 2022, after a verbal question. Has Amanda Bynes Fiancé Paul Michael Arrested? Amanda Byne’s life partner, Paul Michael has not been imprisoned and he is free of drug addiction charges.

On the morning of April 28, 2022, an oral question broke out between the Hollywood couple. After that, Paul called 911 911 and the police showed up at their house around 2:30 am.

Bynes had blamed Paul for watching mother-child porn via her Instagram story. Likewise, she sued him for vandalizing his mother’s house, using drugs and having a pile of cocaine.

Micheal went against the norm, accusing her of taking his ADHD pills, Adderall avoiding her regarding control. At this point, the issues between them seem to have cooled down.

About Paul Michael Drug and Vandalism Allegations According to TMZ, Bynes blamed Paul Michael for taking drugs and vandalizing his mother’s home.

She pinned the allegations on him through a progression of her IG story. She discovered that she had tracked down the mother and child pornography on his phone.

Likewise, Amanda referred to Michael not taking his ADHD meds. Maybe he’s mishandling drugs and she’s tracked down a stash of rocks that he’s under control.

In addition, Bynes also accused Paul of damaging his mother’s property. According to her, he broke his mother’s photos and put salmon under her bed. Amanda went on to say that Michael’s behavior is disturbing and that she is afraid of him. When the LAPD arrived, they found no evidence of its business.

Afterward, Bynes found that she had completed a CFS test on Paul and that he was telling the truth for drugs. The couple was not imprisoned and they are trying to determine the problems all on their own.

Tracking down Paul Michael On Instagram, Paul Michael had an Instagram account that is currently deleted.

In any case, he incorporates the stories of the entertainer, Amanda Bynes. Not long before the whole dramatic attempt to point the finger, she had posted his image in the salon region.

Amanda goes as @amanda.bynes1986 and has crossed over 118K devotees. At least she didn’t transfer much for her.

Paul Michael and Amanda Bynes Explore Love Life and Relationship The star of the Amanda Show, Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael first met at a meeting for Alcoholics Anonymous.

After that, the couple started dating and not long after they announced their union. Since then, they have received a lot of attention from the fans. Three weeks after the proposal, stories circulated that Bynes and Paul had canceled their contract. In any case, the couple explained that they were not breaking up.

That same year, Paul claimed their IG accounts had been hacked. Similarly, Bynes surprised everyone after posting an image of an ultrasound that was then erased. Despite the multitude of challenges, Michael and Bynes have not let each other down.


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